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How To Refinish A Dining Room Table?

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    Do you have an old, worn-out piece of furniture that you'd like to refinish? Finish the mission. It does not require any specialised equipment and can be completed in a single weekend. The simple instructions that follow will show you how to refinish a dining room table.

    Before You Refinish Your Dining Room Table, Consider Painting It Instead

    Every designer's fantasy comes true. You sand down the surface of your dining table or kitchen to reveal the beautiful wood grain that lies behind years of filth, and then you refinish the table to restore it to its former glory.

    As a result, your enthusiasm and creativity grow, and you decide to keep exploring for ideas for a centrepiece to place in the centre of your table. However, let us halt for a moment. Not all kitchen tables are made of wood that is meant to be presented in an attractive way.

    You should know that unless your kitchen table was built by a master carpenter, the results of your refinishing effort are likely to fall short of your expectations. It takes a lot of effort and time to refinish a table, but you can give it a new look that highlights its design by painting it instead. Here is the information you need.

    For What Reason Can I Not Refinish My Table?

    How To Refinish A Dining Room Table3

    Refinishing is a procedure that, when done correctly, can highlight the natural grain that is present in your wood. For instance, in order to remove outdated finishes and expose the natural grain of the wood, you will need to sand down each and every intricate detail of an ornate table.

    Refinishing wood takes the right equipment, time, and patience in order to be done correctly, despite the fact that it may appear to be an easy process. All of that sweat, tears and effort won't be worth much if the wood you use for your table has a grain that isn't particularly appealing or doesn't have a pretty, natural appearance.

    It's possible that you'll spend the entire weekend attempting to sand out faults, just for the finish and the sealant to bring those flaws into sharper focus.

    It is safe to refinish a handmade table that was constructed from a type of wood that you are familiar with in order to bring out the table's inherent beauty if you have invested in such a table. However, if you bought your table at a big box retailer, it is possible that it is not made entirely of solid wood.

    Painting Offers A New Option

    That does not imply, however, that you cannot give your dining room table a new look by painting it in a pretty colour. Simply selecting a fresh paint colour for your dining room can completely change how the space seems to guests. But before you do anything else, take a careful look at your table to determine what exactly it is that you want to alter.

    Attempting to conceal flaws? — Make use of a deeper colour that has a tiny sheen to help mask any faults and create the appearance of a surface that is consistent all around. You could also give the table an antique look by painting it in a shabby chic style and scuffing the surface.

    Are you interested in trying something new? — Pick the colour that is completely different from what you already have. For instance, if your table is dark, you should go with a light centrepiece. If it's white, you should paint it a colour that's neither light nor dark. In just a few short hours, this can offer you a thrill and completely transform the appearance of your dining area.

    Are you attempting to make a point? — Choose a hue that is vivid and eye-catching if you want your dining room table to be the focal point of the space. For a more contemporary take on the dining room, try painting the walls in a colour that you wouldn't normally consider, such as deep green or yellow.Ensure The Best Paint Job

    It is imperative that you first take the time to properly prepare your table and then apply the appropriate finishing processes.

    Sand down the surface. Paint will only stick to a surface that has been slightly roughened, so get to work with the sandpaper. Verify that there is no varnish or glossy finish left over, otherwise you run the risk of having chips appear shortly after you finish.

    Applying a primer before colouring will assist maintain the integrity of the colour over time and guarantee that it is coloured evenly. It is important to match the type of primer to the type of paint.

    If you have access to a sprayer, use it instead of a brush because the latter will just leave behind brush and streaks marks on the surface. Brushes are necessary for the application of minute details, but a sprayer is what you need to achieve the immaculate finish you want for your tables.

    Make sure to apply numerous coats, even if you're not painting a wall here. Instead, numerous coats of paint in a variety of various sheens need to be applied to the piece of furniture before it can be used.

    Clear coat should be applied liberally; this final stage should not be skipped or neglected in any way. To protect the paint and make it easier for you to wipe the surface as frequently as a dining table requires, you will need to apply at least three coats of clear coat to the surface of the table.

    Give it some time to mature – This is something that we cannot stress enough. Even while the table may appear to be dry to the touch, it still needs several days to fully cure before you can use it without leaving markings in the paint. Take a look at the instructions on the paint and clear coat cans to determine how long you should let the table sit out to cure. Depending on the method you employ, this could take as long as eight days.

    If you follow these instructions, your paint colour will stay vibrant for a longer period of time, and the top of your table won't require as much tender loving care. Since a dining table needs to be able to survive extensive use, you should build it up in layers and allow it the necessary amount of time to finish properly.

    Spending Effort And Time Painting A Table

    When it comes to painting your table, giving yourself the time to finish it properly is the single most important thing. Sanding the surface and making it more uneven, followed by priming, painting, and sealing it will require some of your time. After that is finished, you will need the patience to wait for it to completely dry before moving on to the next step.

    If you are searching for a fresh way to renovate your kitchen but don't want to spend a lot of money on new furnishings, look at what you can do with what you already have and see what you can come up with. Painting your dining room table and chairs is a quick and easy way to give your home a facelift that won't take more than a week to complete.

    How To Refinish A Dining Room Table

    Clean The Surface

    To clean the existing finish on the table, all you need is some mild soap, some water, and some elbow grease. If the table has been painted or varnished in the past, this will prepare the surface to be sanded, and if it has been stained, it will prepare the surface to be stripped.

    Apply Stripper

    You will need to remove the surface of the table if it has been painted or varnished previously. At the hardware or home improvement store in your neighbourhood, you can choose from a wide choice of chemical stripping agents. Follow the directions given by the manufacturer of the product that you are using, and protect yourself against chemical burns by wearing the appropriate protective clothing, such as gloves that are resistant to the chemical, a shirt with long sleeves, and eye protection. In addition to this, make sure that you are working in an area that has sufficient ventilation.

    Leave the stripper on for the amount of time that is recommended by the manufacturer in order to soften the existing finish before removing it with a wide putty knife. Be sure to follow the grain of the wood and hold the putty knife at a low angle to the surface of the table in order to avoid gouging the wood.

    Between each scrape, wipe the putty knife by wiping it clean with a cloth. In the event that the prior finish has worked its way into the wood's fine cracks, you may need to apply a second or even a third application of stripper. After the paint or varnish has been removed, clean the table by wiping it down with fine steel wool.

    Clean With Mineral Spirits

    After you have finished stripping the surface and allowed it to dry, use a clean towel to wipe the surface off with mineral spirits to remove any leftover stripper. Wait until the table is completely dry before going on to the sanding process.

    Sand Table Surface

    After the paint, varnish, or stain finish has been removed off the table, sand the surface of the table in the direction of the grain of the wood to smooth it out. If you decide to use an orbital or belt sander, the surface must be gouged very carefully, so be extremely careful. Sand the majority of the original surface with sandpaper that has a grit size of 100, then go on to sandpaper that has a grit size of 150, and finish off with sandpaper that has a grit size of 220. To a degree of smoothness that will make you delighted, finish. Utilizing a tack cloth, carefully wipe away all of the sanding dust.

    Apply Stain

    Stain should be applied using a disposable brush in a manner that follows the natural grain of the wood. Wipe away excess stain with a soft cotton rag (synthetic rags won't be able to soak up excess stain), then use the rag to rub the stain into fine crevices in the wood. After applying paint liberally and allowing it to soak in for a few minutes, wipe away excess stain with a soft cotton rag.


    The final colour will be darker if the stain is allowed to remain on the wood for a longer period of time before being removed. Therefore, if you want an even finish, you should apply a small amount of the colour at a time so that you can be certain to wipe it off before it has had too much time to soak in. At a minimum, two coats of stain should be applied. The number of coats that should be applied after that is determined by the desired level of colour depth and richness.

    Between applications, give the surface a light sanding with paper that has a grain size of 220 (steel wool also works wonderfully) and clean it with a tack cloth. Note that the process of staining the wood causes the wood fibres to expand because the dye is absorbed by them. Sanding in between applications helps to preserve a smooth surface by reducing the appearance of inflated fibres caused by the previous coat.

    Apply Finish

    Apply polyurethane or tung oil in accordance with the directions provided by the manufacturer after the last coat of stain has been allowed to fully cure (usually overnight or for a period of 24 hours).

    Because dining room tables undergo a lot of use, you should apply at least two coats of finish, allowing each coat to dry completely before proceeding to the next step—

    Cotton rags can be used to polish a finish made of tung oil.

    Wait at least 24 hours before using the table after applying the last layer of polyurethane or Tung oil and allowing it to cure completely.

    Choosing The Perfect Dining Table Isn't That Difficult If You Follow These Simple Tips.

    Do you prefer square or round corners? What about glass? Which is better, the old or the new? Do you prefer seats or benches? Which option is most suited to your needs? When it comes to picking out a dining room table for your home, there are a lot of different things to think about. After all, it is the hub of your house, the place where you gather with members of your family and friends for some of the most memorable meals you will ever have.

    Make Sure To Measure

    When looking for a dining table, the size of the room in which it will be placed is one of the most crucial considerations. Take into consideration some key strategies for measuring. Clearance from the table to the wall: Measure the area surrounding your dining room table. If you leave between 42 and 48 inches between your table and the walls, it will be easy for your guests to sit down and get up again without disrupting the flow of the room.

    Table-to-furniture clearance: If there is furniture in your dining room, begin your 42- to 48-inch measurement from the edge of the furniture rather than the wall. This will provide for sufficient space between your table and the furniture.

    When picking out a dining table, it is also important to strike a healthy balance between the dimensions of the table and the amount of free space you have in the eating area. This is one of the factors that should guide your decision. When placed in a dining room that is on the smaller side, a huge dining table might give the impression that the area is crowded.

    A helpful hint for measuring a dining table is to grab a bed sheet or two, position them where the table will go, and then fold them into the shape of the table. This will give you an idea of what size dining table will fit in your dining room. You can also have a better understanding of your space by using chalk and masking tape.

    This will provide you with the ability to visualise the area that it will take up, after which you can measure the clearance between the table and the wall or the furniture.

    Choose A Shape

    Round Dining Table

    Determine the shape of your dining room before shopping for a table to fit inside it. This contributes to greater equilibrium and harmony. A dining room table that is round is an excellent choice for those who are limited on space. It has rounded edges and corners so that traffic can flow more easily through the area. In addition, it is the optimal setting for carrying on talks with your visitors because nobody is excluded from the discourse.

    Design Tip

    Use a round dining table and add chairs made of translucent acrylic to make the most of a limited amount of space in a tiny dining area by creating the illusion of more openness.

    Please keep in mind that if you have a huge round dining room table, it may be difficult for you to reach the food on the table. If you go with a round dining table with a diameter of between 5 and 6 feet, consider installing a lazy Susan in the middle for added functionality.

    Rectangular Dining Table

    It is a good fit for a dining room that is long and small. Although it creates greater space for traffic movement, it is an effective separator for open-plan environments that are used to distinguish different zones.

    Design Tip

    If you are considering getting a rectangular dining room table, it is recommended that you utilise a bench instead of chairs on either all of the sides of the table or on at least one side of the table. To make the most of the available room, ensure that the bar can be stored beneath the table when it is not in use.

    Square Dining Table

    In the same way that a round dining room table gives a more personal dining experience, a square table does the same thing by keeping everyone at the same distance apart. If you have a square-shaped eating area, this is the ideal dining room table for you to select from the options available to you.

    Oval Dining Table

    If you're short on dining room space, this is a great alternative to a standard rectangular table. To top it all off, it has a more classic appearance.

    Sit Comfortably

    When hosting visitors, it's important to provide them enough of space to move around and converse easily. The dining chairs you decide to use make a big difference. Size recommendations for a rectangle table are as follows:

    • A four-person table is a 4-footer.
    • Six people can sit comfortably around a table that is five to six feet in length.
    • Eight people can comfortably sit at the 7-foot table.
    • Ten people can comfortably sit at an 8- or 9-foot-long table.
    • Seats 12 at its 10 to 11-foot-long table

    Size recommendations for a round table are as follows:

    • Four people can comfortably sit at the 3-foot-diameter pedestal table.
    • This 4-foot-diameter, leg-supported table comfortably accommodates four people.
    • Six people can comfortably sit around the 5-foot-diameter, pedestal-supported table.
    • A 5-foot round table with four chairs.
    • Eight people can comfortably sit around a table that is six feet in diameter and supported by a pedestal base or legs.
    • Seats nine at this round table that is 7 feet in diameter and has a pedestal base or legs.

    Keep Material in Mind

    Think about the other furniture in the room when deciding what to use for your dining table's surface. Look for a table that will go nicely with the rest of your dining room furnishings. There is also the option of mixing and matching for a fresh, unique look.


    A wooden dining table's greatest benefit is its durability; with proper care, it might last a lifetime. It also adds a nice touch of warmth and character to the eating area. The only thing that can hurt it is time, because it's impervious to damage. Even though it should not be cleaned with water, spills on the table can be removed with a moist cloth. Coasters and placemats can protect your table from water rings and burn marks left by hot beverages and dishes.


    An attractive feature of a glass dining table is that it requires no upkeep and is simple to clean. Glass has the added benefit of making your dining area appear larger and classier than it actually is.


    In deciding between a marble dining table with a matte finish or one with a sealer that gives off a shiny aspect, it's important to be aware of the differences between the two types of marble.

    Adding a marble table to your dining area will help elevate its aesthetic appeal. Purchase thick placemats to protect your tableware from scratches.


    There is no better option than a metal dining table for a modern or industrial dining area. And it's a breeze to wipe down after use.

    Style And Design

    How To Refinish A Dining Room Table

    A dining table is a focal point of the room, so it's important to pick one that complements the rest of your home's decor. A wooden dining table paired with curving modern dining chairs is a great example of how old and new can work well together in a dining room with a 1970s aesthetic.


    Refinishing is an easy process that can bring out the beauty of the wood's grain. There is no need for any specialised tools, and the whole thing can be finished in a weekend. Below you will find easy to follow instructions on how to refinish a dining room table, but instead of using a wax or other finish, you may want to consider painting it. A handmade table made of wood can be refinished without risk. Alternatively, you could paint the table in a shabby chic style to give it the appearance of age.

    In a matter of hours, this can provide you with an exciting new look for your dining room. To serve its purpose, a dining table must be sturdy enough to withstand daily use. In order to preserve the paint, at least three coats of clear coat will be required. How long you need to leave the table out for curing depends on how long it took you to paint it and how long the clear coat needed to dry. Painting the dining room set is a simple and inexpensive way to update the look of your home.

    You'll need to set aside some time to sand, prime, paint, and seal it. If you're trying to save money on furniture but can't afford to buy brand new pieces, take stock of what you already have. Sand the table in the same direction as the wood's grain after removing any remaining paint, varnish, or stain. Use extreme caution if you plan on gouging the surface with an orbital or belt sander. Because of the high volume of use they receive, dining room tables require a minimum of two coats of finish.

    The smoothness of the surface is best maintained by sanding in between coats. Make sure there is enough room around your dining room table by measuring the area. Don't go shopping for a dining room table without first determining its exact dimensions. If you're short on square footage, consider a round table for your dining room. Installing a lazy Susan in the centre of a round dining table with a diameter of 5 to 6 feet is a great idea.

    This round table is a wonderful replacement for a conventional rectangular one in a dining room that's a bit cramped. For optimum comfort, a table no more than 4 feet in length is suggested for a group of four people. A table that is five to six feet in length is suitable for a group of six people to sit at in comfort. A table that is 8 or 9 feet long is suitable for ten people to sit at in comfort. Considering how often people gather around it, eat, and converse at the table, it's important to select a dining table that works with the style of your home.

    A modern or industrial dining table would look great made of glass, metal, or marble. To create a truly one-of-a-kind look, you can even choose to combine different styles.

    Content Summary

    1. What follows are some basic steps for refinishing a dining room table.
    2. After years of grime have built up on your kitchen or dining room table, you can sand it down to reveal the beautiful wood grain beneath.
    3. The results of your refinishing effort will likely fall short of your expectations unless your kitchen table was built by a master carpenter.
    4. Though refinishing a table requires significant time and effort, it can be given a fresh look that brings out the design by simply being painted.
    5. Proper refinishing can bring out the wood's inherent grain pattern.
    6. If you have invested in a handmade table made from a type of wood you are familiar with, you can safely refinish it to bring out its inherent beauty.
    7. Painting Provides a Totally New Choice But that doesn't mean you can't paint your table a fresh colour for a new look when entertaining guests.
    8. Guests' first impressions of your dining room will be greatly affected by the colour you choose for the walls.
    9. Use a darker colour with a slight sheen to hide imperfections and make the surface look uniform.
    10. In addition, you can achieve an aged appearance by painting the table in a shabby chic style and scuffing the surface.
    11. Choose a shade that stands in stark contrast to what you already own.
    12. Paint it a colour that is neither light nor dark if it is white.
    13. If you want your dining room table to stand out, go with a bold and bright colour.
    14. Painting the walls an unexpected colour, like deep green or yellow, can give the room a fresh, modern look that will impress your guests.
    15. You must put in the time and effort required to get your table ready for use and then finish it off correctly.
    16. At least three coats of clear coat should be applied to the surface of the table to protect the paint and make it easier to wipe the surface as frequently as a dining table requires.
    17. We can't stress enough how important it is to give it time to develop to full potential.
    18. How long you need to leave the table out for curing depends on how long it took you to paint it and how long the clear coat needed to dry.
    19. The most crucial aspect of painting a table is giving yourself enough time to do it right.
    20. Refreshing the look of your home can be accomplished in less than a week by simply painting the dining room table and chairs.
    21. A stripper should be applied. If the table has ever had paint or varnish applied to it, you will have to strip it off before you can use it again.
    22. For best results, follow the manufacturer's instructions for how long to leave the stripper on before removing the old finish with a wide putty knife.
    23. As soon as the paint or varnish has been stripped off, clean the table with fine steel wool.
    24. Purify With Mineral Spirits Mineral spirits can be used to remove any residual stripper after you've finished the stripping process and let the surface dry.
    25. Surface of Sand for Playing Table Sand the table's surface in the same direction as the grain of the wood after the paint, varnish, or stain has been stripped off.
    26. After applying the final coat of polyurethane or Tung oil, wait at least 24 hours for it to fully cure before using the table.
    27. There are many factors to consider when deciding on a dining table for your home.
    28. Check Your Measurements Consider the dimensions of the dining area before making a purchase.
    29. Space needed between the desk and the wall: Take some precise measurements of the space around your dining table.
    30. The distance between your table and the wall or other pieces of furniture will be maximised thusly.
    31. You should find a happy medium between the dimensions of the table and the available space in the dining area when making your selection.
    32. A large dining table could make a small dining room feel cramped.
    33. Grab a couple of bed sheets, place them where you want the table to go, and then fold them into the shape of the table for an accurate measurement.
    34. This should give you a good idea of what kind of dining room table you can comfortably fit in your dining room.
    35. Pick a Form Fitting Your Round Table Think about the form of your dining room before going table shopping.
    36. Installing a lazy Susan in the centre of a round dining table with a diameter of 5 to 6 feet can greatly increase its usefulness.
    37. Shaped Like a Rectangle, This Table Seats Eight It works well in a narrow, long dining room.
    38. If you're planning to furnish your dining room with a rectangular table, a pro tip is to replace some or all of the chairs with benches.
    39. It's true that a round table allows for more conversation at dinner, but a square one ensures that everyone is at the same comfortable eating distance.
    40. This is the best dining room table for a square-shaped dining room.
    41. Table for Eight, Oval This round table is a wonderful replacement for a conventional rectangular one in a dining room that's a bit cramped.
    42. The following are some suggested measurements for a rectangular table: You'll need a 4-foot table for your family of four.
    43. There are five feet of round table and four chairs.
    44. You Should Remember This Information Before settling on a material for your dining table's top, take a look around the room at the rest of the furnishings.
    45. Find a table that complements the other pieces in your dining room.
    46. Glass A glass dining table is appealing because it doesn't need any upkeep and can be cleaned quickly and easily.
    47. Putting in a marble table in the dining room will make the space look more elegant.
    48. Invest in some sturdy placemats to prevent your fine dinnerware from being marred.
    49. Metal For a contemporary or industrial space, nothing beats the look of a metal dining table.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Dining Room Table

    Refinishing isn't for every table. It's not for mass-produced, low-quality tables—those are meant for the fire pit. If your table is made of quality material, is a family heirloom, or has sentimental value, it's an excellent candidate for refinishing.

    The best finish for dining tables is lacquer. This finish will both bring out the beauty elements of dining tables and provide needed protective properties. Lacquer is applied in thin coats, which allows a natural accent of the wood itself. This finish is durable and water-resistant.

    Refinishing a table can be a time-consuming process. Luckily, you have several choices on how to proceed. Depending on the tabletop and finish you're working with, you could get away with lightly sanding or repainting it to give it a new look.

    Cost to Refinish a Table. A basic table costs $150 to $600 to refinish. The process is typically the same regardless of condition, and price changes only based on size. For any wooden table, the process involves stripping the old finish and applying a new final coat.

    So, when it comes to someone who just wants to do a quick DIY job, the best finish for the kitchen table would be a wipe-on, oil-based polyurethane. This is the best finish for a wood kitchen table, as it has the appearance of an oil-rub finish, the application is simple, and it offers great surface protection.

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