We're the leading roofing company in Melbourne for over 20 years with more than 60,000 satisfied customers.

With our extensive expertise on all sorts of roof repairs, we can offer solutions for any problem that might be bothering you with your home’s most important asset: its security from weather-related damages as well as other hazards such as leaks during heavy rainstorms or powerful hail storms – just carelessness about upkeep problems like missing shingles or damaged tiles which could worsen due to accumulation without proper maintenance!

You can’t go wrong with the roofing experts at Roof Repair. We specialize in a wide variety of roofs, and will have your project done before you know it!

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If you want to maintain your roof and improve the interior of your home, call our experienced professional team.

We specialize in affordable, high-quality roofing services that are guaranteed to last.

Roof Repair

It's been a while since you last checked your roof, huh? Roof Repair is just the company for that!.

Roof Restoration

We're here to help you find a roofing solution for your needs. We specialise in the restoration of all types of roofs including: Colorbond, slate, metal, tin and terracotta tiles!

Roof Repairs Experts

We have more than 30 years of roofing experience in Melbourne. In the course of our work, we've made many homes and

We are a professional company that provides affordable 24/7 service to get the job done right!

Roof Repair is the roof restoration Melbourne experts that you can trust to get your job done right. We use high quality products, have 30 years of experience and know how to do our jobs efficiently with attention paid to detail ensuring a perfect finish every time.

We can help restore your roof to its former pristine state, ensuring that you will be able to enjoy it for decades.

Whatever your roof needs, we have you covered. We offer free quotes and inspections to keep your home safe from everything that could harm it!

Roofing Melbourne

We are a team of highly qualified experts who provide you with the best service to help your business grow.

At the first sign of a problem with your roof or gutters, you may feel like there is nothing to do but suffer in silence. But we at Roof Repairs have made it our mission to take all of that worry and hassle off your hands so that life can go back to normal as quickly as possible without anything getting worse than it already was.

We’re available to take your call 24/7!
Roof Repair Company In Cranbourne, Melbourne

We can fix any roof, and have done so for over 20 years with more than 35,000 satisfied customers in our book.

With over 20 years of experience and a team that has the technical know-how as well as an outstanding reputation in the industry, you can trust them with all types of roof repairs – from sealing leaks at home or office buildings to fixing damaged tiles on roofs. Call us anytime day or night!

Roofs are always a pain. Whether it’s the roofing material, shingle style or anything in between, finding your perfect match can take some time and patience. If you’re interested in getting an inspection done on your home address so that we might be able to provide more information for what needs fixing when making any repairs – our technicians would love to hear from you!

Your Roof Repair, Comes With:

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"Wholeheartedly Recommend"

Testimonial Stars 1 "Pleasant to deal with from quoting to finish. Team under Julian all share the same winning attributes which see them move through the job with efficiency and direction. Peace of mind using them Thank you Andrew and Seppe this time"

Frank D
Preston, VIC

"Everything Was Just Brilliant"

Testimonial Stars 1 "Once again, first class service from Julian Dirou and his team. They responded quickly to an urgent call, assessed the problem and fixed it immediately. Very reassuring to know that there are professionals like these available when you need them."

Diamond Valley, Melbourne

"Quality service, quality people"

Testimonial Stars 1 "This company did a quality job from the first contact to cleaning up at the end. I was always kept informed and they were punctual, pleasant and great problem solvers when things got tricky. Simon went out of his way to ensure an excellent job. Thank you." Lloyd Perrin Eltham, VIC

Kevin F
McKinnon, Melbourne

We have professionally trained technicians who can get those pesky leaks and drafts under control before they do any real damage- at an affordable price!

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Roof Repairs have repaired and restored every type of Australian roof over the last 30 years.

24/7 Services

For all of your roof needs day and night, 7 days a week we are here for you. If it's time to replace a broken or leaky roof but the job is too big in scope for one person then count on us! We have everything under control with our dependable services so give us call today.

Affordable Price​

We'll save you time and money by solving all your problems in the blink of an eye. We're happy to provide a free estimate on site whether we do it or not!

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll never know how much your roof needs to be fixed until you take a peek at it, so call up Roof Repair before the next storm hits and they will provide an inspection for free.


If you’re looking for the best insurance provider to protect your roof, look no further than Roof Repairs. Our rates are low and our coverage is fantastic!

A lot of homeowners try to fix their roofs on their own and find themselves in a pickle. Professional roofing contractors have the specialized training required, so when you need repairs done, don’t go it alone- contact our company instead!

The roof of your home may be cracking and leaking day by day. This is not a coincidence – it’s the natural result when you neglect to maintain its health with regular cleaning, repair work, or replacement over time.

It starts out small: just some missing shingles from hail damage here and there – but don’t let those cracks go uncorrected for long because they can lead to much worse issues!

Leaks can be a big problem, because they are often hard to spot. The water will find the path of least resistance and take some time before it finally leaks out through your ceiling or wall. If you want an accurate answer as soon as possible though, then contact leak detection professionals who’ll come inspect your roof for any signs of leakage!


The average roof is expected to last between 15 and 25 years, but it depends on many factors. Some roofs will wear out faster due to the severity of weather and environmental conditions while others could go a longer period without needing replacement.

We have a team of specialists waiting for you to call them 24/7, and they’re available if roofing emergencies happen at all hours.

All Melbourne Roofing Services - "A Master Elite Rated Roofing Company"

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