2023's Best 10 Roof Repair Services in Brisbane: Trusted Experts for Superior Roofing

The Roofman

The Roofman, with over 25 years of experience, specializes in roofing services in South East Brisbane. Their website emphasizes the importance of maintaining a well-kept roof, highlighting that neglect can lead to issues not covered by insurance. They offer free roof inspections, a proactive step to ensure roof integrity, especially before storm seasons. The Roofman's approach is customer-centric, providing direct access to qualified tradespeople for detailed technical information and comprehensive service throughout the repair or maintenance process.

Key services offered by The Roofman include:

  • Roof Tile Replacement: Ensuring durable and weather-resistant roofing.
  • Roof Tile Clips: Adding extra security to roof tiles.
  • High-Pressure Roof Cleaning: Keeping roofs free from debris and deterioration.
  • Roof Flashings: Essential for waterproofing roof joints.
  • Roofing Valleys: Maintenance and repair to prevent leaks.
  • Bedding and Pointing: Essential for the structural integrity of the roof.
  • Leaking Roof Repairs: Addressing and fixing any roof leaks promptly.
  • Free Roof Inspections: Comprehensive checks to assess roof health, particularly beneficial before storm seasons.

For inquiries or to avail of their services, The Roofman can be contacted at:

Phone: 0410 452 234


Brisbane Roofing Co

Brisbane Roofing Co. is a professional roofing company specializing in a range of services for both commercial and residential properties in Brisbane. They emphasize the importance of a well-maintained roof for protecting properties from various weather conditions, enhancing energy efficiency, and increasing property value. Their team of licensed and skilled professionals ensures high-quality workmanship, using durable materials, and they offer a 15-year warranty on all their work.

Key services offered by Brisbane Roofing Co. include:

  • Roof Replacement Services: Specializing in both metal and tile roofing, catering to different aesthetic and functional needs.
  • Roof Repairs: Addressing leaks, water damage, broken or missing shingles or tiles, and damage from debris or rust.
  • Asbestos Removal: Safe and professional removal of asbestos by licensed experts, crucial for older properties.
  • Re Sarking: Adding a protective layer to roofs for enhanced protection against moisture, storms, and other environmental factors.
  • Roof Restorations: Cost-effective solutions for roofs with minimal damage, extending the life and appearance of the roof.

For more information or to get a quotation for roofing needs, you can contact Brisbane Roofing Co. through the following details:

Website: brisbaneroofingco.com.au

Roo Roofing

Roo Roofing, based in Brisbane, is a professional roofing company specializing in a wide range of roofing services. With generations of experience, they cater to various roofing needs, including roof replacement, restoration, and repair. The company is known for its commitment to quality, using high-grade materials and skilled tradesmen. They provide a comprehensive approach to roofing, ensuring that each project not only enhances the appearance of the structure but also adds significant value and longevity. Their expertise extends to handling different types of roofing materials and addressing unique roofing challenges specific to the Brisbane area.

Key services offered by Roo Roofing include:

  • Roof Replacement: Transforming homes with new roofs that improve appearance and value.
  • Roof Restoration: Tailored restoration services for different roof types.
  • Roof Repairs: Specialized repairs to maintain roof quality and longevity.
  • Asbestos Removal: Licensed and safe asbestos removal services.
  • Gutter Replacement: Replacing gutters and downpipes to prevent structural damage.
  • Fascias, Soffit & Carpentry Work: Enhancing the roof's appearance with additional carpentry services.

Roo Roofing places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, as evidenced by the positive testimonials on their website. They offer up to 10 years of installation warranty and manufacturer warranties of up to 36 years, showcasing their confidence in the quality of their work.

For inquiries or to book a consultation, Roo Roofing can be contacted at:

Phone: 1300 734 148

Website: rooroofing.com.au

Brisbane Tile Roof Restorations

Brisbane Tile Roof Restorations is a specialized service provider in Brisbane, focusing on roof restoration, repairs, and repointing, particularly for tile roofs. With a history dating back to 1981, this family-run business has established itself as a leader in the roofing industry, known for its professional expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction. Their services cater to a wide range of roofing needs, from small residential projects to large-scale endeavors, ensuring high-quality workmanship and efficient service delivery.

Key services offered by Brisbane Tile Roof Restorations include:

  • Roof Restoration: Specializing in both concrete and terracotta tile roof restorations.
  • Roof Repairs: Providing professional repair services for various types of tile roofs.
  • Repointing: Expertise in roof re-pointing, enhancing the appearance and durability of roofs.
  • Additional Services: Working on ridge tile bedding and pointing, and metal roof restoration.

The company prides itself on its excellent customer service, affordable pricing, and a strong referral base from satisfied customers. They are highly recommended by industry partners such as BUILD and Liberty Homes and collaborate with leading product suppliers like Bluescope, Colorbond, and Dulux.

For inquiries or to request a service, you can contact Brisbane Tile Roof Restorations at:

Phone: 0413 432 014

Website: brisbanetileroofrestorations.com.au

Pro Roof Restoration Brisbane

Pro Roof Restoration Brisbane is a professional roofing company based in Brisbane, Australia, specializing in a wide range of roofing services for both residential and commercial properties. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, the company prides itself on providing high-quality maintenance, restoration, and repair services at affordable prices. They are known for their use of high-quality Australian products and materials, and their team consists of fully licensed and qualified tradesmen, ensuring top-notch workmanship and customer satisfaction.

Key services offered by Pro Roof Restoration Brisbane include:

  • Metal and Tiled Roof Restorations
  • Terracotta Roof Restoration
  • Roof Painting with a variety of color choices
  • High-Pressure Roof Cleaning
  • Roof Repair, including leak fixing
  • Gutter Replacement and Repairs
  • Roof Replacement with new metal or tiles
  • Commercial Roofing Services
  • Additional services like sealing, waterproofing, repointing, reguttering, and asbestos roof removal

For those interested in their services or seeking a free quote, Pro Roof Restoration Brisbane can be contacted at:

Phone: 07 3062 8404

Website: proroofrestorationbrisbane.com.au

Allstate Roofing Maintenance

Allstate Roofing Maintenance and Restorations, operating in Brisbane, specializes in a comprehensive range of roofing services tailored to address the challenges of Brisbane's extreme climate. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, they are known for their commitment to quality and hassle-free service. The company prides itself on its skilled workmanship and its ability to handle a variety of roofing needs, ensuring that each project is completed with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

The services offered by Allstate Roofing include:

  • Roof Repairs: Addressing various roof damages and wear.
  • Roof Restorations & Extensions: Enhancing and expanding existing roofing structures.
  • Roof Tiles: Working with a variety of tile materials.
  • Metal Zinc & Colorbond Roofs: Specializing in metal roofing solutions.
  • Gutter Cleaning, Repairs, or Replacements: Comprehensive gutter services.
  • Complete Re-roofs: Full roofing replacements for extensive renovations or damage.
  • Roof Damage Insurance Claims: Assisting with insurance processes for roof damages.

For those interested in their services or in need of roofing assistance, Allstate Roofing can be contacted at the following details:

Website: allstateroofing.com.au

Gutter and Roof Repairs

Gutter and Roof Repairs is a specialized service provider in Brisbane and Ipswich, focusing on high-quality roof and gutter repair, replacement, and restoration. With over 20 years of experience in the roofing industry, the company prides itself on its skilled team of fully qualified roofers who are adept in handling various roofing projects, including those involving metal, tile, concrete, and Colorbond® roofing. They emphasize customer satisfaction, as evidenced by the glowing testimonials featured on their website, and back their work with a six-year workmanship guarantee, ensuring any issues related to workmanship are addressed without additional costs.

The range of services offered by Gutter and Roof Repairs includes:

  • Roof Replacement and Restoration
  • Roof Painting and Repair
  • Gutter Repair and Replacement
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Whirlybird Installations for passive ventilation
  • Roof Leak Detection
  • Gutter Mesh Installation

For those interested in their services or seeking more information, Gutter and Roof Repairs can be contacted at:

Website: gutterandroofrepairs.com.au

Queensland Roofing

Queensland Roofing, a Brisbane-based company, specializes in a wide range of roofing services, catering to both residential and commercial needs. With a focus on quality workmanship and customer satisfaction, they have been serving the community since 1978. Their services extend beyond simple repairs, encompassing comprehensive roof restoration and home improvement solutions. The company prides itself on providing detailed, transparent quotes and consultations, ensuring clients are well-informed about the services they are receiving. Additionally, they offer the convenience of over-the-phone quotes using satellite imaging technology for accurate estimates.

Key services offered by Queensland Roofing include:

  • Roof Repairs: Specializing in tiled roofs, metal roofs, and commercial buildings.
  • Roof Replacement: Options include Zincalume, Colorbond, asbestos, polycarbonate, and insulated roofing panels.
  • Roof Restoration: Catering to both tile and metal roofs.
  • Home Improvement Services: Including handyman services, termite damage repair, construction of timber pergolas, carports, verandas, timber fascia replacement and repairs, and asbestos removal.
  • Free Quotes and Consultations: Detailed and clearly written quotes, with the option for over-the-phone estimates.

Website: queenslandroofing.com.au

Roofing Brisbane - Roof Replacements & Restorations

"Roofing Brisbane - Roof Replacements & Restorations" is a professional roofing service provider operating in the Brisbane and Ipswich regions. The company specializes in a variety of roofing services, catering to both residential and commercial clients. They emphasize quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction in their services, backed by a skilled team of professionals. The company is known for using high-grade materials and offers a significant 15-year warranty on new roof installations.

Key services provided by the company include:

  • Roof Restoration: Handling various types of roofs, ensuring quality restoration regardless of the current condition.
  • Roof Replacements: Offering comprehensive replacement services with a range of materials including slate, tiles, steel, and Colorbond.
  • Roof Painting: Enhancing the aesthetic appeal and value of properties with professional roof painting services.
  • Additional Services: They also provide gutter replacement, hail/storm damage roof replacement, and custom-designed flashings.

For those interested in their services, Roofing Brisbane can be contacted for a free measure and quote, ensuring transparency and professional advice tailored to each project. The company prides itself on its local roots and commitment to the Brisbane community.

Contact Details:

Phone: (07) 3050 0810

Website: roofreplacementsbrisbane.com.au

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