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How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger?

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    When contrasting a spacious bathroom with a small one, the sense of space is diminished. It might be challenging to make the most of a small bathroom's space while still making it a comfortable location to spend time.

    It is possible, though, to create even a small restroom feel more roomy. Painting the bathroom walls a light colour is one way to make the area feel more open.

    What Colors Enhance The Appearance Of A Small Bathroom?

    It's possible that a small bathroom might be made to look much bigger and more luxurious by using brighter colours for such wall treatment, tiles, and fixtures. The following colour schemes are ideal for use in modest loos.

    • White
    • Beige
    • Fine Blue Dust
    • Teal
    • The Gentle Violet Color
    • Yellow as a Canary
    • Dull Gray

    It's time to get creative with colour to create the illusion of greater room where there isn't any. Choose lighter, brighter hues for the bathroom if you'd like more natural light to filter in. It's also good to have a smaller sink & counter top as well as extra-large mirrors. It is recommended to keep the same colour & tone throughout the bathroom, from the flooring to the walls to the baseboards and wainscots. Whether your tiny bathroom has windows or none at all, you'll discover some bright and cheery ideas for decorating right here.

    The Bathroom Color Theory Comes To The Rescue

    Don't let the size of the restroom ruin your mood. Instead, a new coat of paint in the right shade can make even a little bathroom look much larger and more inviting. Start painting the walls of your tiny bathroom a beautiful light colour or an electric tone to make the space seem larger than it actually is.

    You can make the bathroom appear bigger without really making any physical changes by choosing the proper colours to accent the walls and ceiling. Remodeling your bathroom with new, well-fitting tiles might reawaken your passion for it. When you paint your bathroom right, you may feel a sense of peace and relief.

    The proper colour scheme has a significant impact in a bathroom, whether the space is filled with natural light from huge windows or must rely on artificial light.

    Make your bathroom feel more open by getting rid of unnecessary items and visual obstructions like lines drawn from wainscots.

    What More Can I Do To Make My Small Bathroom Look Bigger?

    Small Bathroom (4)

    Built-in, vertical cabinets and storage are a terrific method to provide the illusion of more space in a compact bathroom. To make a tiny bathroom appear larger, select tile and painted colours in the same colour scheme but in distinct tones. In addition, the reflected light is focused and directed by a big light fixture. The use of floor-to-ceiling mirrors and slim basins, vanities, and toilets can help make a small bathroom appear much larger.

    To avoid making your bathroom seem smaller and less welcoming, avoid using dark colours & chaotic patterns in your design. Create the spacious, hassle-free, and relaxing bathroom of your dreams with just a few design pieces.

    Include Ample Natural Light

    It could be unsettling to use a little restroom that has no lighting. Increasing the number of windows inside a room can provide the impression of greater open space. To make up for the limited illumination from a single window, a skylight or sunlight tunnel can be built. A translucent glass shade may achieve the same thing, letting in more light without compromising your privacy.

    Light from natural sources is usually better when there is a limited amount of room in the bathroom. Scuff marks, dust, and draperies can block the light from windows and skylights. Cleaning windows is an easy and inexpensive chore. Rooftop skylight moss can be scrubbed away using an old scrub brush, some hot water, and a drop or two of mild detergent.


    • Make any necessary repairs to the blinds' and drapes' operating systems to ensure smooth opening and closing.
    • Put in frosted privacy glass in place of clear glass windows as a permanent solution.
    • In the same way that dust and dirt can obscure a room's view, dirty window screens can block some of the light entering a space.

    As Much As Possible, Keep Everything The Same Colour.

    Avoid using several colours and patterns in a bathroom while decorating. The negative is that it divides the room and makes everyone feel claustrophobic. Painting the walls of a room in a single, light shade might make it appear larger and brighter than what it actually is.

    All-White Everything

    Bathroom makeovers that result in a bright white space will always find buyers. White is the perfect colour for reflecting light, so they have the additional benefit of making the space appear larger than it actually is. To maintain a consistent look, most bathroom accessories come in white.

    Paint The Ceiling And Walls The Same Colour.

    Consistency in design is not limited to the four walls of a room. Ceilings and walls should be painted the same colour for a seamless look across the room. Painting your ceiling a contrasting colour is indeed a good way to add visual interest. Painting your ceiling a tint lighter than walls will assist create a more consistent appearance due to the difference in light reflection from the ceiling as well as the walls.

    Increase The Ceiling

    The ceiling can be raised visually in a tiny bathroom to provide the illusion of additional space. It's simple to achieve this look by installing crown moulding and painting it the same colour as the ceiling.

    Combine The Tiles And Wall Colours.

    If you have tile floors in your bathroom, paint the tilled sections the same colour. Lines that form just at wall's edge due to discontinuous tiling can be avoided in this way. Using grout of a similar shade to your tiles is one technique to make the installation look more deliberate and intentional.

    Ceiling Tile Installation

    If at all possible, tile your bathroom's floor and ceiling with the same material. A more open feeling will result from the lack of horizontal lines just on walls, and the illusion of a higher ceiling will be created.

    Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Replacement

    Bathroom vanity cabinets have numerous uses, one of which is to provide concealed storage capacity below the sink. To add insult to injury, vanity cabinets also are a waste of room in a confined restroom. You can get more room by ditching the bulky vanity cabinet in favour of a cantilever countertop or pedestal sink. It will cost you between $150 as $400 to instal a pedestal sink yourself. Pedestal sinks may be more space-efficient in terms of their footprint, but they eat up important tabletop real estate.


    • A repair to the floor beneath the vanity sink in the toilet might be necessary.
    • Using the pry bar, carefully pry the cabinet from the wall.
    • Before attempting to remove the sink, be sure the water supply has been shut off.

    Easily Transition Between Materials

    A bathroom might appear larger than it is by giving a much more polished, open appearance, which tricks the eye into believing it is more spacious. The process can be simplified by using uniform materials throughout the space, such as tile flooring inside the shower and the remainder of the bathroom. Using contrasting textures and patterns can create the illusion of separate rooms.

    Make Use Of Large Plain-Colored Floor Tiles.

    It's typical to make the mistake of installing floor tiles that are too small for a room, especially one as little as a bathroom. Having more grout lines visually divides the room in half. To provide the impression of more space and cleanliness, go with a wide tiles in a neutral shade for the floor.

    Make Your Ceiling And Walls The Same Colour.

    You can make a room look bigger by painting the walls and ceiling the same colour. Walls painted a dark colour in a room with a white ceiling would make the ceiling appear even lower. The room stands out more clearly when the number of slashes is reduced. Installing prolonged light fixtures over white shelves is another wonderful method to accomplish a more comprehensive bathroom design, especially in restrooms with low ceilings because overhead lighting limits the available space.

    Coordinate The Floor & Shower Tiles.

    That minimalist aesthetic isn't just useful for the ceiling and walls. Tiles that go all the way up the wall of the shower could make a little bathroom look much bigger.

    Make Long Lines

    Look at the room's broadest point to make it seem bigger. Having a windowless, watch wall serve as a focal point along the largest crowd in the room is one technique to achieve this effect. By creating a horizontal line with a shelf, this area looks like it has more room than it actually has.

    Push The Walls Apart Visually.

    In order to make a long, narrow bathroom appear more spacious, horizontal lines should be used. Using flat floor tiles is one method to make a room appear bigger than it actually is.

    In The Shower, Use Clear Glass.

    Shower curtains with patterned glass, which function similarly to an extra wall, might detract from the aesthetic attractiveness of a bathroom. The use of transparent glass for shower barriers not only allows for more natural light to penetrate, but also gives the impression of greater usable square footage. By installing a frameless shower curtain, you can create the impression that the room is larger than it actually is.

    Make A Statement With Your Mirrors.

    The more light you can reflect around the bathroom, the bigger it will look. Make a big statement by mirroring a complete wall rather than just the space over your sink in your bathroom. Light is diffused and the area appears much bigger than it is thanks to this makeshift glass.

    Install A Wall-Mounted Faucet And A Table-Mounted Vessel Sink.

    Bathtub Material (2)

    If you have a small bathroom, you may make it look larger by placing the vessel sink on the a table and attaching the faucet to the wall.

    Use Mirrors To Your Advantage

    A mirror's ability to reflect light and create the illusion of extra space is especially welcome in a cramped washroom. The mirror reflects the entire illumination of the room, as well as some of the furnishings. A mirror placed in such a way that it reflects light from a window can be useful in a bathroom.

    Small Accessories Should Be Limited

    Mess can cause serious problems in a restricted bathroom. Even a well-organized room can look cluttered if there are too many bookshelves or decorative items. Reduce visual noise by focusing on a single ornamental element, ideally one with dual functionality.

    Reflect A Nice View

    Mirrors reflecting windows or doors that can be opened to let in light would be excellent. If you can manage it, try not to dwell on the necessity of using the restroom at this time. Reflect a flower vase or even other decorative object to incorporate the mirror into the design.

    Place Your Shelves Against The Walls

    In-wall shelving serves a practical purpose while also adding aesthetic value. As no fixtures will be jutting into your newfound wall space, you may now enjoy more floor area in your new bathroom. To put it another way, it keeps the lines form breaking up, which improves the look of the space as a whole.

    Make Use Of Open Shelves

    To avoid clutter, instal an open shelf rather than a closed one. This creates an optical effect that makes the walls appear far apart in space, giving the impression of more depth.

    Get Rid Of The Clutter

    Having a bathroom that is free of unnecessary items makes better use of the space. Reduce your storage space devoted to items you rarely use, or get rid of them altogether. For example, if you find that the washing basket is constantly in the way, you can relocate it to a more convenient location. Creates the impression of more room.

    Set Up A Pedestal Basin

    Because of its small footprint, the pedestal basin makes efficient use of floor space. For a bathroom with little space, this is an excellent option. However, you should make sure the required plumbing is finished before installing it.

    Choose Light, Soft Paint Colors

    Don't squander your energy on cramped quarters by painting them in gloomy tones of blue and grey. Your small bathroom doesn't warrant such opulence. The bathroom's perception of spaciousness can be greatly improved by painting the walls a bright, neutral colour.

    Display A Window-Themed Picture.

    One easy way to give the impression of greater space in a cramped bathroom is to hang a picture depicting outdoorsy subjects. A window may be real or imagined; an archway may serve the same purpose.

    Display Items On The Walls

    Putting in a few suspended fixtures is a great way to get some more square footage without digging anything up. Mounting fixtures like sinks, cabinets, and even a toilet to the wall rather than the floor creates a uniform surface that is cleaner and simpler to clean and use.

    Bathe And Shower Together

    Showers can be built over tubs in places where separate shower stalls would be impractical. This method accommodates both needs while going to take up as little space as a common bathroom tub.

    Take It Easy On The Decorations.

    Wall art and decorative carpets are low-cost ways to inject character into a compact washroom. But if left unchecked, they may create a lot of chaos. Therefore, collectors, consider reducing the amount of items in your bathroom medicine chest. Getting rid of unnecessary items costs nothing and has an instant impact.


    • Put an end to stockpiling and instead buy only what you need.
    • Think about whether or not you can make use of it.
    • If you absolutely can't stand to part with it, relocate it to a different room.

    Color Contrasts And Dividing Lines Should Be Reduced.

    Avoiding partitions and strong colour contrasts can help make a bathroom feel smaller. As much as possible, round off corners and transitions. For instance, if the wainscot were painted the same colour as the wall, the two would blend better.

    Crown moulding is a visual break in the otherwise uninterrupted wall. Moldings at the top of a room's walls and ceilings can be painted to blend in. It's recommended that you tile the ceiling as well as the walls if you find that your current tiling stops just short of the top of the walls. The cost of paint and supplies for such a simple painting project might range between $50 to $150.


    • Choose the lighter of two shades if you must decide between them.
    • It is possible to switch out the baseboards for slimmer versions if they are too wide.
    • To make a space feel more open, you might remove the crown mouldings entirely.

    Throughout The Bathroom, Use Similar Materials.

    Having numerous varieties of bathroom necessities might make the space feel chaotic. In your little bathroom, you may have a range of materials and designs, such as a striated marble floor, a ceramic tile shower, a tile backsplash wainscot, painted drywall just above wainscot, and so on. What you have there is a surplus of materials that are not alike.

    To lessen the visual chaos, you may switch out a few of the materials with comparable ones. In most cases, you can get away with replacing the tile wainscot (but not the tile around the shower or tub) with drywall and baseboards. Quartz countertops can be installed to replace ceramic tile countertops and provide an almost seamless appearance with the rest of the bathroom's fixtures.


    • If you will be unable to remove a tile, painting over it is a viable alternative.
    • Consider utilising gentler tones to open up the room.
    • You should use a larger-format tile when you're tiling a room's floor.

    Avoid Using Patterned Wallpaper.

    Avoid floral-patterned wallpaper and other wall coverings if you want your small bathroom to look bigger. Patterned wallpaper makes a space appear smaller. Worried that you won't be able to successfully remove the present wallpaper, but have no idea how? Trust in us, and we'll see that it gets handled.

    Install A Toilet On The Wall

    A wall-hung toilet is a great solution for saving space in a compact lavatory. It's easier to fool the eye into thinking there's more room in the restroom if there's more floor space that's actually visible.


    The impression of space is reduced when comparing a large and a tiny bathroom. Just by applying a new coat of paint in the proper colour, you can make your tiny bathroom look much bigger. Whether a bathroom is flooded with light from large windows or must rely on artificial light, the right colour scheme has a major influence. A bathroom that uses dark colours and busy patterns might make the space feel smaller and less inviting. Slim sinks, vanities, and toilets, along with floor-to-ceiling mirrors, may make even a little bathroom look much bigger.

    A skylight or sun tunnel can be installed to supplement the light from a single window. The bathroom may fool people into thinking it's bigger than it is if the space was polished and airy. For a more unified aesthetic, it's recommended that ceilings and walls be painted the same colour. Create the appearance of multiple rooms by using large, uniform floor tiles. Applying the same paint colour to the walls and ceiling of a room gives the illusion that the space is larger than it actually is.

    More grout lines create an optical illusion that visually splits the space in two. A room can provide the illusion of more space by using flat floor tiles. Instead of just placing a mirror over your sink, go all out and reflect an entire wall. Placing the vessel sink on a table and fixing the faucet to the wall is a good way to make a tiny bathroom appear larger. In a small bathroom, a mirror's capacity to reflect light and provide the illusion of more space is much appreciated.

    When you paint the bathroom walls a light, neutral colour, it gives the illusion of more space. When sinks, cupboards, and even the toilet are installed on the wall rather than the floor, the resulting surface is uniform and much easier to clean and maintain. Wallboard and baseboards are acceptable alternatives to tile wainscot in most situations. It is common practice to eliminate crown mouldings totally from a room to make it feel more airy. When space is at a premium in the bathroom, a wall-hung toilet is an excellent choice.

    Content Summary

    1. The impression of space is reduced when comparing a large and a tiny bathroom.
    2. One method to make a small bathroom seem larger is to paint the walls a light colour.
    3. Using one of these colour palettes, even a tiny bathroom may look stylish.
    4. If you want more light to enter the bathroom, opt with brighter, lighter colours.
    5. Instead, with a little bit of work and the appropriate colour, even a small bathroom can look spacious and welcoming.
    6. To make your little bathroom look bigger, try painting the walls a lovely bright colour or an electric tone.
    7. Choosing the right colours to complement the walls and ceiling can make the bathroom look larger without really increasing its square footage.
    8. You might rediscover your love for your bathroom after giving it a facelift with some new, well-fitting tiles.
    9. There is something about the appropriate bathroom paint job that can bring about a sense of calm and relief.
    10. The right colour scheme in a bathroom makes a big difference, whether the area is flooded with natural light from large windows or must rely on artificial light.
    11. Choose tile and paint colours from the same colour family, but in varying tones, to make a small bathroom look larger.
    12. In addition, a large light fixture concentrates and directs the light that is reflected.
    13. Slim sinks, vanities, and toilets, along with floor-to-ceiling mirrors, may make even a little bathroom look much bigger.
    14. You can make your perfect bathroom, complete with plenty of space, no clutter, and a soothing atmosphere, with only a few well-chosen design elements.
    15. Adding more windows to a room can make it feel more spacious.
    16. When space is at a premium in the lavatory, natural light is preferable.
    17. Glare from windows and skylights can be mitigated by removing obstructions like scuff marks, dust, and drapes.
    18. Cleaning windows is a simple and low-cost household task.
    19. As a long-term solution, you can replace clear glass windows with frosted privacy glass.
    20. You should try to maintain colour consistency as much as possible.
    21. When decorating a bathroom, stick to one colour scheme and avoid using many patterns.
    22. If you paint the walls of a room a single, light colour, it may give the impression that the space is bigger and brighter than it actually is.
    23. For a more unified aesthetic, it's recommended that ceilings and walls be painted the same colour.
    24. Adding visual appeal is as simple as painting the ceiling a different colour.
    25. Boost the limit
    26. In a small bathroom, raising the ceiling visually creates the impression of more area.
    27. Crown moulding painted to match the ceiling is an easy way to accomplish this look.
    28. Merge the hues of the walls and the tiles.
    29. Bathroom floors that are tiled should be painted the same colour as the surrounding floor.
    30. Appropriate Methods for Fixing Ceiling Tiles
    31. Use the same tile on the floor and ceiling of your bathroom if you can.
    32. Vanity cabinets are an unnecessary addition to a small bathroom, making the space even less useful.
    33. If you want additional floor space, consider replacing your traditional vanity with a cantilever countertop and pedestal sink instead of a cumbersome cabinet.
    34. It's possible that the floor in the lavatory needs mending where the vanity sink sits.
    35. More grout lines create an optical illusion that visually splits the space in two.
    36. Choose large tiles in a neutral colour for the floor to give the illusion of more room and cleanliness.
    37. Apply the same paint colour to the walls and the ceiling.
    38. Having the same colour on the walls and ceiling creates the illusion of a larger space.
    39. A room can provide the illusion of more space by using flat floor tiles.
    40. With the help of a frameless shower curtain, you may make the bathroom look much bigger than it is.
    41. Placing the vessel sink on a table and fixing the faucet to the wall is a good way to make a tiny bathroom appear larger.
    42. In a small bathroom, a mirror's capacity to reflect light and provide the illusion of more space is much appreciated.
    43. The mirror reflects not only the room's overall lighting but also some of its fixtures and decor.
    44. Use the mirror to reflect a flower vase or some other piece of decor.
    45. Wall-mounted shelves not only look great, but also provide much-needed storage space.
    46. Reducing the clutter in the restroom allows for more efficient use of the available space.
    47. Lessen how much room you're giving things you rarely use in storage, or get rid of them altogether.
    48. Giving the sense of extra space.
    49. The pedestal basin conserves valuable real estate due to its compact design.
    50. When you paint the bathroom walls a light, neutral colour, it gives the illusion of more space.
    51. As a result, collectors should think about paring down the number of objects stored in their medical cabinets.
    52. Deleting unused things has no monetary cost and immediate effect.
    53. Ceiling and wall mouldings can be painted to match the colour scheme of the room.
    54. It is common practise to eliminate crown mouldings totally from a room to make it feel more airy.
    55. Use consistent materials across the entire bathroom.
    56. Having a lot of different kinds of bathroom supplies could end up looking and feeling cluttered.
    57. You have an excessive amount of dissimilar materials.
    58. You can reduce the visual noise by switching out some of the materials for similar ones.
    59. Quartz countertops can be put in place of ceramic tile counters to improve the bathroom's overall look and feel.
    60. If you can't get rid of a tile, covering it with paint is an option.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Bathroom

    According to basic design principles, light colours such as white, crème, pastel blue, grey or yellow will visually expand a room, while dark colours such as deep red, green or brown will make a room feel smaller.

    Some designers recommend using a clear shower curtain in smaller spaces because it opens up the space and allows more light to move through your bathroom. And one popular design technique for making small rooms look bigger is to use light-coloured fabrics and walls to brighten the space.

    A small bathroom can benefit from a large tile. With fewer grout lines, the walls and floor are less cluttered, and the room visually expands.

    Use large plain-coloured floor tiles. It's a common mistake to use smaller floor tiles in a small bathroom. This makes the room look smaller as it creates more dividing lines between the tiles. Choosing a large, plain-coloured tile will give the impression of more floor space and a cleaner, less cluttered look.

    Direction of Tile. If a room is narrow, this further elongates the space, making it appear longer and narrower than it is. This problem can be solved by installing the tiles on the diagonal. This draws the eye out to the room's corners, which visually widens the space.

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