How Can I Make My Garage Look Bigger3

How Can I Make My Garage Look Bigger?

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    Unless you want to spend a fortune on renovations, there is no magic trick that will make your tiny garage any bigger. If you don't have the funds for it, you don't have to replace your garage door or do any other renovations to your garage. Organisation and material choice are the two most important factors in creating a functional and spacious garage. As long as you're willing to get creative, a small garage can serve as a place to park cars and store items. Make the most of your garage space by following these garage storage ideas and tips.

    What Is The Actual Size Of A Garage That Is Considered "Small?"

    How Can I Make My Garage Look Bigger

    Most people agree that if a garage can only fit one or two cars, then it is considered "small." Even if your garage can only fit one and a half cars, you meet the criteria. A one- or two-car garage may be advertised as such, but that doesn't guarantee that any given number of automobiles will fit inside. You need to think about the garage's actual size, the vehicles' sizes, and the items already stored there.

    Typically, the dimensions of a single-car garage are between 12 and 16 feet in width and 20 and 24 feet in depth. By measuring the room's perimeter and height and width, we came up with a range of 240-384 square feet for its floor space. It is common for two-car garages to be between 18 and 24 feet in width and depth (360 to 576 square feet). Garages for one or two cars in older homes are typically smaller than their modern-day counterparts of the same type.

    One explanation for this is that carports were once considered mandatory, so people rarely used their garages to keep extra stuff. Many older homes only have room for a single car in the garage due to the fact that in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, most families only owned one vehicle. Because of this, there will be more historic residences.

    Bigger Cars Don't Help.

    Looking at some of the older, smaller garages, one might wonder how huge automobiles from the last few decades were ever able to fit inside of them. Due to the ever-increasing size of autos, this is an issue to consider when planning the dimensions of your garage. The relatively low price of fuel and the demand from consumers for vehicles with a great deal of useful features are the main reasons for the increase in the size of cars, SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks. It can be difficult to manoeuvre when parked in a small garage. Here are a few easy tweaks you can make to your garage that will make life a lot less complicated.

    Eliminate Extraneous Items

    Reducing the amount of unnecessary items stored in a garage would seem to be one of the most obvious methods to increase its utility. Clutter is another word for these things. If you ask consumers how they could spend more time in their garage, the most common response is to clean it out. However, one-third of homeowners couldn't even tell you what was in their garage because they couldn't remember where they put it. Seventy-five percent of those surveyed wanted a neater garage, yet nearly one-third of them never or rarely did so.

    If your garage is on the small side, you probably can't afford to keep things like damaged furniture, building materials you're not sure you'll ever use, or yard tools you ditched in favour of more modern alternatives years ago. It makes no sense to have junk in your garage that you haven't touched in years while leaving your expensive cars outside. That's why clearing out the garage is work that pays off.

    You Should Take Advantage Of Wall Space For Storage

    If you feel that your current garage is too small for your needs, you can consider having it enlarged through construction or looking for a new home with a larger garage. One of the greatest ways to make use of your limited garage space is to install a slatwall storage system, complete with PVC wall panels and hanging accessories. When compared with slatwall, pegboard falls short in terms of durability, maintenance, storage versatility, and the ability to support heavier loads. However, these are no problems with slatwall. Slatwall isn't just a practical addition to garages; it can also be employed as a decorative element to give the space a sense of polished, finished greatness.

    The majority of items kept in a garage can be hung up on a Slatwall storage system, which means less stuff will be lying around on the floor. Items like bikes, sports gear, ladders, extension cords, and power tools can all be stored in one convenient location. Spare tyres typically take up valuable space on a garage floor, but this space can be reclaimed with the installation of wall-mounted tyre racks. The wall serves as a support for these shelves that are permanently mounted to the wall.

    Make The Most Of Your Roof's Potential

    The usage of ceiling-mounted racks is one example of a practical vertical storage system for a garage. While not all garages, especially smaller ones, have high enough ceilings to accommodate storage racks, if yours does, you should instal them to make better use of the wasted vertical space. Whether or not a vehicle can fit within a small garage depends on the amount of bulky items stored on the floor, such as plastic storage bins, patio furniture, spare tyres, and other items that are kept in storage during the offseason. Pick racks that are sturdy, can hold a lot of stuff, and can be securely attached to the wall or ceiling. Frames made of high-quality steel with a powder-coated finish are also recommended since they resist rust and last for a very long time.

    Car Lifts Expand Small Garage Parking Space

    With the addition of a four-post car lift, this formerly one-car garage can now accommodate two automobiles. If you own two cars but only have room for one in your garage, a car lift may be the solution you've been looking for. Because of this, you could fit both of your vehicles inside the garage. Again, the most crucial factor in evaluating whether or not a car lift may be put in your garage is the ceiling height. To raise the opening height of a garage door, for instance, a high lift modification is required. The assistance of an expert may be sought for this purpose.

    Two-post and four-post car lifts are both common in private garages, but the latter is the better choice when it comes to making room for multiple vehicles. Vehicles can be driven onto four-post car lift ramps, where they will be raised into the air and parked above another vehicle. This makes it ideal for optimising the space available in a garage to park cars. Two post-residential vehicle lifts are a great investment for someone who loves to work on their automobile in the comfort of their own garage.

    Select Small Garage Cabinets

    Cabinet systems are another great option for garage storage, but they may be tough to work into garages that are already cramped. If the garage is big enough, it won't be able to be constructed along the side walls; instead, it will have to be constructed at the back. Furthermore, you may be limited in what you can do due to the size of the cabinet system. However, a few square feet of tabletop space combined with a single stack of drawers and a couple of cabinet doors can make for a quite functional compact cabinet system. Cheaper cabinet options sold by big-box stores and on the web tend to be of poor construction and won't last long.

    Renovate The Walls, The Lights, And The Floors.

    Ceiling, lighter paint, and flooring colours can make a little garage feel more spacious. Painting a small garage and choosing the right colours for the walls may make the space feel much bigger than it actually is.

    When the walls of a room are painted a lighter colour, the space instantly seems expanded. You can maximise the effect by painting the ceiling and walls the same colour, or by painting the ceiling the same colour as the walls but one shade lighter. Using higher-sheen paints, which reflect light better than lower-sheen paints, will also help give the impression of a larger room. Think about the design ideas shown here as you plan the Slatwall installation in your compact garage.

    Spending money on better lighting is another way to make a small garage seem larger. As an alternative to a centrally located light, scattering several smaller lights (like pot lights) throughout the ceiling would illuminate the area more effectively and make the room feel more open. Many garage renovations involve installing new flooring or covering the existing one with a more modern material. Consult with your garage's design expert about which colour coating will best complement your existing inside decor while also making the space feel more open.

    Always Keep a Clean House

    Garages that are on the smaller size can nevertheless benefit from well-designed storage solutions that make organisation quick and easy. You need to make a regular effort to keep things tidy if you don't want clutter to build up. If the region isn't regularly maintained, it will quickly deteriorate to the point where cars can't drive on it.

    A quick cleaning once a month is acceptable, and a more thorough cleaning (including washing the floor and wiping down any surfaces that require it) should be given a couple of times a year. Make sure the things you're storing in your garage actually belong there. Some things you definitely shouldn't have in your garage include:

    • Cans of paint that have been used only partially or not at all
    • Gastronomy or vino
    • Ancient electronic equipment
    • Sartorial goods and textiles
    • Outdated photographs, sheets of paper, and boxes of cardboard

    To What Extent Can A Small Garage Be Outfitted?

    Slim Bench for Work

    Putting in a slim desk in a tight garage is a great way to make the area seem larger. However, it's also useful if you use your garage as a place to keep household items, sell toys, work on projects, or host get-togethers with friends and family.

    Hang Drawers From The Ceiling

    An overhead drawer is a great space-saving option for a garage with limited floor space. It hangs from the ceiling rafters, and its drawers can be pulled out for easy access to their contents. You can adjust the shelf's size and number of slots to best fit the things you want to keep there. But here's a quick piece of advice: keep the contents of any drawers in the ceiling to a minimum, so that they can be opened and closed without incident.

    Storage Racks

    Garage shelving units are the best storage solution for people who are short on storage space in their garages. It has a powerful motor that allows it to rise and lower quickly, while also keeping its contents safely in place and in an orderly fashion. You only need a few different pieces and some screws to put it together in a matter of minutes. Another plus is that the shelf can hold up to 600 pounds of stuff thanks to the motor powering it.

    Ideas for Maximising the Appearance of Space in a Limited Garage.

    Maintains a Tidy Interior

    If your garage is small, the impression of its diminutiveness is only heightened by the expansiveness of your living quarters. Instead of installing bulky shelves in your garage, think about using vertical space by installing racks high up on the wall. These shelves can help you keep your floor clear of clutter and improve your line of sight. Use of pegboards, overhead bike racks, and other creative storage options can free up valuable floor space.

    Make Your Garage Look New Again By Painting It White

    How Can I Make My Garage Look Bigger2

    You can create the impression of more space in your garage by painting the walls white. Many people believe that garages appear smaller in size when painted in dark tones because the darker tones absorb more light. Paint the walls a muted colour like off-white, blue, or green to make the space feel larger and brighter than it actually is. In this way, a convincing illusion can be made. Another trick for making walls appear farther apart is to paint the trim and moulding a lighter colour than the walls themselves.

    Insert Glass and Reflectors

    The reflective surface of a mirror creates the optical illusion of a much larger room. Adding windows and mirrors to a wall at the same time creates an optical illusion that makes the wall appear longer and brighter than it actually is. Walls that reflect light and give the impression of being longer can have a more upbeat and positive effect on their surroundings.

    If your garage is like many others and lacks windows, this could be especially helpful. Here is a list of the four most crucial considerations you should make before deciding to instal windows in your garage door.

    Low-Cost Ways to Get That Garage Enlarged

    According to experts, the only time you should spend a sizable amount of money on enlarging your garage is if you want to build an extra room for a vehicle or conduct a complete remodel. Making a point of interest in the middle of your small garage can make it seem much bigger than it actually is. This will make it appear as though the garage is significantly bigger than it is.

    There ought to be something in the garage that makes you look in a certain direction the second you walk in. You should tone down the garage's ornamentation so that it doesn't look cluttered. Sort your belongings into those to donate and those to keep before you start packing. These are, once more, easy changes that could have a major effect on your small garage.

    Try These Ideas to Make Your Garage Feel Bigger

    Clear the Floors!

    If the floor is more visible, a room appears larger than it is. Rather than purchasing shelves that need to be placed on the floor and adding to the clutter, look for picture frames that can be attached directly to the wall. These are not only sturdy enough to withstand anything that is placed on them, but they will also keep your floor clear and guarantee you the best amount of vision possible.

    Windows and mirrors

    Mirrors' ability to reflect light makes the area immediately surrounding them appear both longer and brighter. If your garage is like many others and lacks windows, this could be especially helpful. Installing windows in your garage door is a great way to let light into your garage and house.

    Whitewash It

    The garage will feel more spacious and the white walls will reflect light immediately. Walls painted white are more able to reflect light and create an inviting ambience. You'll be astounded by how much more room your garage seems to have when you enter it when you combine this with mirrors or a window (depending on your financial situation).

    Remove Extraneous Items

    Donate, sell, or throw away the items you never use so that you can make room for the things you do use. A clean floor gives the illusion that your garage is bigger than it is, so it's important to maintain it. Using a panel system mounted to the wall is another space-saving idea. A pegboard is similar in concept to this, but it's far more practical and also looks much better. Ladders, wheelbarrows, bicycles and rakes can all be stored off the floor using a wall panel system so that they are out of the way but still easy to access.

    Advance Vertically

    Installing high shelving or racking makes the most of the space near the ceiling, which is out of sight at all times. If you don't have utility shelves already, or if you just don't like the way they look, consider installing some wall-mounted cabinets or bins. These items are designed to be mounted on the wall, so they can conceal tools and other items from sight while also preventing the accumulation of clutter and other debris on the ground.

    Exhibit Your Legs

    If you have lots of useful stuff that needs to stay put for good, like a workbench, look for a piece of furniture that has a spacious area under it. The base of the item can be better seen if the legs and bottom shelf are removed.

    Construct a Protruding Extension

    Either hire a professional to do it or use your handyman skills to tear down a wall in your garage and build a small addition. Unlike the other options, this one actually adds square footage to the home, not just the illusion of more room. However, it is more expensive and takes more time to implement.

    The Roof Is Not Off Limits

    People who are handy but don't want to invest the time and money into building a "bump-out" addition have another great option in the form of converting their ceiling into storage space. Simple plastic containers and homemade support carriages made from plywood and 2x4s can easily double the amount of space you have in your garage. That way, you can sort through your garage's belongings and find what you need more easily. The first step in designing your ideal garage's layout is to draw one up. Keeping the final result in mind as you plan your garage's layout will help you create a space that appears larger than it is, is well-organized, and is perfectly suited to your needs.


    You won't find a magic bullet that will magically expand your garage. The keys to a well-designed garage are organisation and material selection. Older homes typically have smaller garages for one or two cars compared to newer homes of the same size. Modifying the structure of your garage can simplify your life significantly. Putting in a slatwall storage system in your garage is one of the best ways to maximise the available square footage.

    The amount of heavy items kept on the floor of a garage can determine whether or not a car can fit inside. In the garage, tyre racks mounted to the ceiling are one type of useful vertical storage system. Garages can make better use of their space for vehicle storage by installing car lifts and cabinets. Even if your garage is on the smaller side, it can still take advantage of well-designed storage solutions that speed up the process of getting everything where it needs to be. The right paint job and colour scheme can make even a tiny garage feel like a sizable storage room.

    Garage makeovers often include laying down new flooring or covering the old one with something more up-to-date. If your garage is small, you can maximise storage by installing shelves and drawers in the ceiling. Saving room is easy with the help of pegboards, bike racks, and other ingenious storage solutions. The fresh coat of paint will make your garage look like it was built yesterday. Many people think that garages look bigger when painted in light colours because dark colours soak up more light.

    When a wall is fitted with mirrors and windows, it creates the optical illusion of being much longer and brighter than it actually is. These simple adjustments may have a significant impact on your limited garage space. Garages benefit greatly from vertical storage solutions like high shelving and wall-mounted cabinets. Dispose of, sell, or give away your unused belongings so you can make room for new ones. Products like these are meant to be mounted on the wall to conceal tools and other items from view and stop the buildup of clutter.

    Content Summary

    1. You are under no obligation to replace your garage door or make any other improvements to your garage if you do not have the resources to do so.
    2. It is possible to park vehicles and store belongings in a small garage if you are just willing to think outside the box.
    3. By implementing these garage storage strategies, you can make better use of your available space.
    4. If you can fit one car, or even one and a half cars, in your garage, you qualify.
    5. One must take into account the dimensions of the garage, the vehicles to be stored there, and the existing contents.
    6. Older homes typically have smaller garages for one or two cars compared to newer homes of the same size.
    7. When parked in a tight space, it can be challenging to make turns.
    8. Get Rid of the Extras One of the most obvious ways to improve a garage's utility is to decrease the number of unused items stored there.
    9. As a result, cleaning out the garage is an investment worth making.
    10. Installing a slatwall storage system in your garage using PVC wall panels and hanging accessories is a great way to maximise the use of your available square footage.
    11. Slatwall storage systems allow for the majority of garage goods to be hung up, reducing the amount of clutter that would otherwise be on the floor.
    12. Wall-mounted tyre racks allow you to free up valuable floor space in your garage by storing spare tyres vertically.
    13. One efficient method of vertical storage for a garage is the installation of ceiling-mounted racks.
    14. Whether or not a car will fit in a small garage depends on how much space is taken up by plastic storage bins, patio furniture, spare tyres, and other items that are stored on the floor during the offseason.
    15. Vehicle lifts make the most of limited garage space. Putting in a four-post car lift doubled the parking capacity of this formerly one-car garage.
    16. A car lift could be the answer if you have two cars but only enough space for one in your garage.
    17. This means you can park both of your cars inside the garage.
    18. Once again, the height of your garage ceiling is the most important consideration in determining whether or not a car lift can be installed there.
    19. If the garage is large enough, building it along the side walls won't be feasible, so work will have to begin in the back.
    20. The cabinet system's size may also restrict your options.
    21. However, a compact cabinet system that consists of a few square feet of tabletop space, one stack of drawers, and a couple of cabinet doors, can serve a variety of purposes.
    22. Small garages can feel more roomy with the help of a higher ceiling, brighter paint, and lighter flooring.
    23. The right paint job and colour scheme can make even a tiny garage feel like a sizable storage room.
    24. When a room's walls are painted a lighter colour, it gives the illusion of more room.
    25. As you plan the Slatwall installation in your small garage, keep these layout ideas in mind.
    26. A small garage can give the impression of being much larger by investing in better lighting.
    27. Verify that only appropriate items are being kept in your garage.
    28. Suspend Drawers From the Rafters When you need to maximise the storage capacity of your garage but have limited square footage, an overhead drawer is a great choice.
    29. The shelf's dimensions and number of compartments are flexible to accommodate a wide variety of storage needs.
    30. Racks for Storing Items If you need more room to store items in your garage but have limited floor space, garage shelving units are your best bet.
    31. Consider making use of vertical space by mounting shelves or racks on the ceiling or the highest wall studs in your garage.
    32. Clearing the floor and making room for other things is easier to do with the aid of these shelves.
    33. Floor space can be liberated through the use of pegboards, overhead bike racks, and other ingenious storage solutions.
    34. Make a small room feel more open and airy by painting the walls a light shade of blue, green, or off-white.
    35. One more way to make the walls look more spaced out is to paint the moulding and trim a lighter colour than the walls.
    36. Mirrors can make a space seem much bigger than it actually is.
    37. Walls that feature both windows and mirrors give the impression that they are longer and brighter than they actually are.
    38. Before deciding to instal windows in your garage door, you should think about the following four things.
    39. By placing an eye-catching feature in the exact centre of your tiny garage, you can give the illusion that the space is much larger than it actually is.
    40. A room looks bigger because more of the floor is in view.
    41. Look for picture frames that can be attached directly to the wall instead of shelves that need to be placed on the floor and add to the clutter.
    42. Mirrors and glass In addition to making the area immediately around a mirror seem longer and brighter, a mirror's reflective properties also make the mirror itself seem longer and brighter.
    43. A lot of garages don't have windows, so this could be especially useful if that describes yours.
    44. To let natural light into your garage and home, consider installing windows in your garage door.
    45. Simplify It When the garage walls are painted white, the space instantly appears larger and brighter.
    46. Discard Anything That Is Not Necessary Get rid of the stuff you never use by giving it away, selling it, or throwing it away.
    47. Keeping the floor clean will make your garage look much larger than it is.
    48. Another way to make better use of limited floor area is to instal a panel system on the wall.
    49. Tools like ladders, wheelbarrows, bicycles, and rakes can be kept out of the way and within easy reach by hanging them from the ceiling using a wall panel system.
    50. Vertically advance Since the area up near the ceiling is always out of sight, it can be put to good use by installing shelves or racks up there.
    51. Put in some wall-mounted cabinets or bins if you don't have any utility shelves already or if you don't like the way they look.
    52. These items are meant to be mounted on the wall, where they can out of sight hide tools and other items and keep the floor clear of clutter and debris.
    53. Put on a Leg Show Find a piece of furniture with a large space under it if you need a place to permanently store a lot of useful items, such as a workbench.
    54. Legs and the bottom shelf can be taken off to reveal more of the item's underside.
    55. Develop a Projecting Addition Tear down a wall in your garage and construct a small addition, either by employing a professional or relying on your own handyman skills.
    56. It's okay to go up on the roof. Those who are handy but who aren't willing to spend the time and money necessary to construct a "bump-out" addition have a fantastic alternative in the form of converting their ceiling into storage space.
    57. The amount of space you have in your garage can be easily increased by using simple plastic containers and homemade support carriages made from plywood and 2x4s.
    58. This will allow you to easily organise your garage and locate specific items.
    59. Making a rough sketch is the first step in creating the layout for your dream garage.
    60. Planning the layout of your garage with the end result in mind will help you create a space that appears larger than it is, is well-organized, and is perfectly suited to your needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Garage

    Lighting upgrades are another way to make a small garage look larger. Adding some smaller lights (such as pot lights) to a ceiling instead of having a single overhead lighting fixture will provide better light coverage and make the room feel bigger.

    It typically costs $6,400 to $11,200 to extend a one-car garage to a two-car. Extending a garage generally costs $40 to $70 per square foot. Foundation, electrical, plumbing, and finishes will impact the final price. You may be able to recoup up to 85% of your investment when you sell your home.

    If you want to extend your garage, you won't require planning permission as long as the garage will not be more than 4 metres high (13ft), which is considered a 'reasonable height'.

    You can, but it requires a lot of construction and planning. First, you'll need to hire an engineer to inspect your current garage—they'll let you know if the frame and foundation can support an extra extension. Then, ask a contractor to inspect and reinforce the garage's foundation if needed.

    You can certainly build an extension over a detached garage. This could create an ideal space for a home office or guest room. You might even find it a less complicated project, as the rest of your home won't be affected by building work.

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