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Top 20 Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

If you’re the proud owner of a Ute, you know that it’s the perfect vehicle for all sorts of needs. But what if you need to haul something extra? That’s where a canopy service body comes in handy. A canopy body is a great way to add extra cargo space to your Ute without sacrificing any of its functionality or style. 

After all, they provide excellent protection for your cargo and can make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to transporting items. But with so many different canopy options available on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? 

To help you get started on your ute canopy hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite Ute Canopy Service Bodies right across Melbourne, Victoria.

Ultimate List of Ute Canopy Service Bodies in Melbourne, Victoria

Ridgeback Service Bodies – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

ridgeback service bodies


1300 131574


We build the best work trucks & service bodies in Australia.

Ridgeback has been an Australian premier ute & truck body manufacturer specialising in aluminium service bodies since 1996. With corporate headquarters in Melbourne, Victoria, we build and deliver service truck bodies all over Australia.

Ridgeback Ute & Truck Service Bodies are built to manage the toughest workloads with an innovative design that guarantees robust and heavy-duty core bodies. Our team is ready to help you with your fleet needs.


Ridgeback designs and builds premium aluminium service truck bodies in Australia. We provide the best fleet solution for all major Australian industries. Our service truck bodies are designed and manufactured to exceed the needs of any application.

Whether you need a body that can handle all your tools or welding equipment, Ridgeback has innovative designs and features to meet your individual needs. If you’re looking for a work vehicle, ute or truck that gets the job done, look no further than a Ridgeback Service Bodies. We make the best work vehicles in Australia!


Ridgeback Service Bodies’ high-quality products are strategically designed using state-of-the-art materials, specifically constructed to provide ample, adjustable storage whilst keeping your equipment and tools safe. Our commitment to our clients proudly spans 25 years and ensures your new service body not only looks great but also adds a heightened level of organisation and efficiency to your day!


  • Ridgeback Service Bodies are built to manage the toughest workloads with innovative design technology that guarantees robust and heavy-duty bodies to the core.


  • With the largest range of quality service bodies in Australia, there is a service body for every trade and every possible requirement. If not, then we will custom build a body for you – easy!


  • Your tools, your business efficiencies, and YOU are at the centre of every Ridgeback innovation.


  • Our National Dealer Network is perfectly positioned to supply and service Australia-wide.

We have over 70 employees dedicated to quality product manufacture. We are accredited to AS/NZS 9001:2008, which further strengthens our ability to supply quality products. We are proudly 100% Australian owned and managed.

APMI Group has three business units

APMI Metal Industries has been providing specialist quality sheet metal fabrication and component manufacture since 1974, working in the fields of Automotive, Defence, Rolling stock, Mining and Electrical.

Ridgeback Service Bodies incorporate the flexibility of vehicle changeover and the benefits of our lightweight aluminium construction security and are currently used by tradespeople, government bodies and large corporations all over Australia and New Zealand.

Pioneer Campers offer a range of Hard floor Off-Road Camper Trailer options for every budget and for every level of 4×4 experience.

Norweld – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne



 +61 1300 302 890

Norweld has a proud history of making our customers dreams a reality. The team have tested all of our products by travelling around Australia, amounting to tens of thousands of kilometres travelled pushing the gear through some of the toughest of conditions. From this experience and knowledge, we have strived to develop the ultimate tray and canopies. We stand by our products, so much so if you check out our own vehicles, we have a Norweld tray or canopy because we know they are built to last.

Designed and manufactured by Australians, we use the highest grade materials with cutting edge manufacturing techniques.

With 50 years of aluminium manufacturing experience and a few thousand trays and canopies out in the wild, we still continue to innovate and improve upon our products. Our purpose is to design and build a product that won’t let you down when you need it the most, whether it be on the job site or out in the bush.

Norweld partners with leading manufacturers and vehicle modification companies, such as Marks 4WD Adapters, Multidrive, JMACX and Creative Conversions, to ensure seamless integration into your vehicle build. Through these partnerships, our customers have come to realise their vehicle’s full potential.

We have grown our product to now export worldwide, with markets in North and South America, Africa and the United Arab Emirates. Teaming up with local partners in each country, the Norweld product is put to the test in differing environments, proving its toughness.

This is why we back our product with an Unconditional Guarantee for Life Against Faulty Workmanship.

Our dedicated sales and customer service support team ensure an effortless build process, keeping you updated and informed across the entire build process, even liaising with dealerships so you can have your Norweld build installed prior to vehicle registration.

Kylin Campers – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

kylin campers


03 9357 8913


Benefiting from years of professional manufacturing, R&D and QC experiences of our sister company, we are offering more eco-friendly and user-friendly products day by day.

At Pioneer Tech, a wide variety of off-road camper trailers, trailer tents, camping equipment, and accessories are available for your choice. Besides camping products, we offer label printing machines, such as intermittent offset presses & intermittent letterpresses and converting machines, such as die-cutting machines & label slitting machines.

Our main products are:

  • Ute Canopies, toolboxes
    • They can be customised. With our Ute canopies and toolboxes, your work and life are made easier and more enjoyable.
  • Various accessories & parts for ute canopies, camper trailers, box/tipping trailers, etc.
    • We offer various accessories and parts for you to modify & upgrade your own ute canopies and trailers.
  • Off-road camper trailers
    • Off-road camper trailers are manufactured & assembled by well qualified, specialised staff. A variety of choices are available: soft floor and hard floor camper trailers of both off-road & extreme off-road types.
  • Box/tipping trailers
    • We have standard trailers and customised trailers to meet your requirements.
  • Label presses and converting machines.

Products that you can shop online, including:

Trailer tents, swags, family tents, rooftop tents

Trailer tents have a quick setup time of fewer than 10 minutes. Tents and swags are made of the best materials available for comfort, waterproofness and good ventilation. Tents and swags are uniquely structured for easy assembly, disassembly, transportation, carriages.

Pioneer Tech offers a full 12 months quality warranty on its products. For detailed information, please refer to Quality Warranty Section.

Pioneer Tech products are optimum for money in the aspects of both quality and service. We are waiting for you to visit us and/or call us to place your order today!

You can order any Pioneer Tech product through our website, and we will deliver it to you. You can pay through cash on pick up, direct bank deposit, bank cheque/money order, by visa or master credit card.

It’s our pleasure to be of service.

Ute Canopy Service Bodies FAQs  

How are Canopies Fitted?

Ute canopies are mounted to the back of a dual cab with a unique bracket system and a design system that incorporates the sides into the vehicle’s body lines to minimise dust.

Some manufacturers claim that their canopies are weather and waterproof. However, no amount of sealing will prevent dust from somehow sneaking in when touring through the Simpson.

Thermoplastic seals applied with special adhesive help prevent as much red dust from coming in as possible. This means that you can confidently leave your gear in the back of your canopy in a thunderstorm or even a dust storm.

What do you look for in a ute canopy?

Pick the Style

First and foremost, it’s imperative to pick the canopy you need for your car. The primary types of ute canopies include full canopy, part canopy and tool module. Full utility vehicle canopies tend to be sealed and provide comprehensive protection from external damage. On the other hand, Part ute canopies offer the best of both. They are a combination of a canopy featuring a slide tray. Finally, tool ute modules are ideal for storing your items with a back-tray option and are secure for tools. 

Consider Both External and Internal Accessories

External accessories such as ladder slides, roof racks, and tow bars can add to the efficiency of your ute. However, you’ll want to pick the right accessory depending on your needs. Internal accessories such as mesh dividers, fire extinguishers, etc., on the other hand, boost productivity. In this regard, you get to decide and pick the accessories you need the most. 

Electronic Accessories are Vital

Electronic accessories such as work lights, power points, and reverse cameras are also available for utes. So again, there is a wide array of accessories to pick from, and again, it boils down to the most suitable ones for your needs. 

Suspension Upgrade

If you intend to transport heavy items on your ute, you will require an ideal suspension. A robust suspension ascertains greater capacity plus safety. As such, it’s best to consider upgrading your ute’s suspension. 

If you want to get the most out of your vehicle, consider earlier tips. If stuck, you can always consult professionals in the ute canopy and tray industry to ensure your vehicle is ready for both the best and the worst situations. 

What are ute canopies made of?

The common materials used in making an ute canopy are aluminium, steel, canvass, and fibreglass. Aluminium is popular and used by most Aussie manufacturers and custom designers because aluminium is very light, robust, durable, and highly resistant to corrosion. 

Ute canopies made of aluminium do not need any reinforcement, so they are very convenient. In addition, aluminium can withstand harsh weather conditions keeping your items inside relatively secure and safe.

Can I sleep in the back of my ute tub with a ute canopy?

Ute tubs are generally NOT fully sealed, so there is no reason why you cannot. Although the space will be limited, most canopies have an internal handle to open the canopy from the inside.

Can I install a rooftop camper to your canopy roof racks?

We do not endorse the fitting of rooftop campers. We are aware individuals have done it with no reported issues, but we have never tested the canopy to meet the requirements of a rooftop camper, so it is an unknown risk fitted to your vehicle. Fitting of a rooftop camper is done at your own risk and may void the warranty.

Caddy Storage – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

caddy storage


(02) 9831 2879

Caddy Storage Ute Service Bodies

All our Service Bodies are designed to suit Dual Cab, Extra Cab & Single Cab utes.

Our in-house design team specialises in creating a smart and economical choice for tradesmen, combining extended storage with the safety and protection of your tools and equipment.

Our Service Bodies have several additional accessories, allowing you to create a storage solution to suit any work requirement and the option to pick from three different finish styles.

About Caddy Storage

Caddy Storage has 35 years of experience being the innovators, not the impersonators, so you can be confident we’re always up to date with the latest vehicle storage systems.

We pride ourselves in manufacturing and engineering high-quality products here in Australia, designed specifically to local trade specifications.

You can also have peace of mind knowing we offer a warranty and guarantees on all products. With offices and distribution outlets nationwide, we can install or deliver wherever you are.

SMM Steel Canopies – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

smm steel canopies


+66 641 318 297


Choosing the right ute canopy can be just as challenging as picking the vehicle itself, with the range of models, styles, and options overwhelming at times. Only SMM Steel canopies provide maximum strength, durability, security, maximum payload and the benefit of being environmentally friendly. Available for Hilux, Ranger, Triton, Colorado, D-Max, BT-50, Navara and Amarok.

The Sammitr Group has over 50 years of experience within the automotive industry, providing you with the confidence that SMM are the trustworthy choice when it comes to installing a canopy on your motor vehicle. The SMM range of steel canopies is made with the most up-to-date automotive manufacturing processes that ensure quality is built-in. All SMM canopies are made from high-quality automotive steel and are designed for maximum strength, durability, and security.

The team here are committed to providing you with the highest quality of products and service to see your vehicle drive further. We also stock a great range of SMM 4×4 accessories so you can enhance your vehicle to your specific needs, as well as a range of roof racks, including exclusively designed SMM Roof Racks by Milford. We guarantee peace of mind with a full 3-year warranty on the SMM Canopy range.


  • Manufactured from Steelmaking, it is stronger and more durable.
  • They are designed to match the vehicle brand – seamless fit and finish for Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi Triton, Holden Colorado, Isuzu D-Max, Mazda BT-50, Nissan Navara and VW Amarok.
  • Provide extra security to protect your tools, equipment, and items
  • Built to resist the elements – automotive quality paint protection
  • All components are recyclable and environmentally friendly.
  • Versatility and ease of access with rear doors and two side windows
  • Door handle mounted on steel frame providing extra security.
  • The rear glass is mounted in a steel frame.
  • Heavy-duty rotary locks provide increased security.
  • Up to 150kg Load rated roof rails.


The company behind the SMM brand is Sammitr Motors Manufacturing, a Thai company. Sammitr Australia, a 100% subsidiary, was established in 2011 to directly support the growing demand for the SMM Steel Canopy in Australia and the Pacific region. Sammitr Australia provides full sales and after-sales support for the SMM Steel Canopies from their Dandenong site.


Established in Thailand in 1967, Sammitr Motors Manufacturing Public Company Limited is the only dedicated Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of quality steel canopies in the world. Sammitr has established the SMM brand itself as a leading name for tipper truck bodies, trailers, semi-trailers, specially designed trucks, steel canopies, and accessories for pickup trucks. SMM also have a range of axles, hydraulics and componentry.

Our continued commitment to quality assurance, not only in production technology improvement and R & D investment but also in the recruitment and training of our people, ensures we provide the best possible solutions to our customers.

We believe that our extensive experience in working with global car and truck manufacturers, our quality assurance process, our production technologies, together with our dedicated supply chain and competent and experienced personnel, has given Sammitr the edge in terms of both product quality and lower production cost.

Razorback – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

razorback ute canopies


(02) 9627 7001


Get more out of your ute!

Razorback Canopies manufactures and imports quality products designed and selected for the vehicle owner wanting more from their normal driving experience. Our flagship product is our fibreglass canopy which is by far the most stylish and secure canopy on the market today.

Razorback canopies also supply 4×4 and ute accessories, including our tough steel tray and our very own Mammoth Mat made of woven recycled truck tyres for ultimate durability.


Advice & Expertise to build your ideal Ute or 4wd.

Here at Razorback Canopies, we are committed to the “Art Of Customising” in the ute and 4wd market.

We recognise there is a great variation in the needs of our clients and their vehicles, and we offer support and ongoing customer service to ensure your vehicle is exactly how you want it.

Our process of developing an individual plan with each customer is why we are the Australian industry leaders in canopy design, manufacturing and installation.

We have a wide range of options available for your vehicle to suit all walks of life – From the recreational user to the tradie – Razorback Canopies has the right products and designs to suit every individual taste!

Contact us today to experience our client consultation and strong, trustworthy relationships with our customers and suppliers to provide an outstanding service to you and your vehicle.

Spinifex Manufacturing – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

spinifex manufacturing


1300 308 874

The Australian continent offers many harsh extremes, from the heat and isolation of the Simpson Desert to the cold arctic winds of Bruny Island.

Being avid travellers, we have experienced some of the best and the worst that this country has to offer. Based on our hands-on experience, we have created a range of products that are both functional and durable.

Practicality, durability and affordability are at the heart of our design principles. While uniformity in manufacture drives quality, we continue to look at ways we can adapt to each individual’s needs.

We are proud that all of our core manufactured products are not only designed in Brisbane, Australia, it is also manufactured and assembled here.

Setting your vehicles up as the ultimate touring machine or a fit-for-purpose workhorse takes the experience to get right.

We pride ourselves on finding the right solution the first time – when experience counts, count on Spinifex Manufacturing.

Tuff Engineering – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

tuff engineering


(08) 9459 3513


Tuff Engineering specialises in manufacturing custom-built ute canopy, including aluminium canopies and Pop top canopies. We also manufacture high-quality ute campers trade-size toolboxes and various service bodies in Perth, WA. We take on the entire production process, from the initial design, through the development stage until final productions.

We always strive to deliver the best quality materials and finest contractor experience in Kenwick, Thornlie, Wattle Grove, Gosnells, Orange Grove, Martin, Fremantle, Kalgoorlie, Karratha, Geraldton, Port Hedland and surrounding areas of Maddington.

We offer a wide range of ute canopy. Owned and operated in Perth, Western Australia, and with large stock holdings on popular models, your 4×4 ute canopy can be installed in days rather than weeks.

We produce ute canopies such as pop-top canopies and tradesman canopies. We also produce high-quality camper trailers that are robust, reliable and good looking. As we know our client base and what they require, we put our best efforts to deliver accordingly. Clients enjoy our products for their useful and practical applications.

Our clients expect two things from us, quality advice and quality products, and we deliver both in abundance. We talk to our customers first to make sure we know exactly what their needs are. We then strive to meet those needs on time and within budget.

As a locally owned business, we offer a personalised approach to your professional needs.

For a more detailed description of our canopies and camper trailers, refer to our product guide, or contact us direct.

About Us


We have experience of more than a decade in the field of aluminium fabrication. Hence you can trust Tuff Engineering to provide you with quality aluminium fabricated products and exceptional service every time. Tuff Engineering also helps you with high-quality campers that are highly reliable.

All our fabrication experts specialise in the manufacturing of fabricated products, due to which they execute to perfection, thanks to their high-quality training and numerous years in the industry.

What We Do

Aluminium Fabrication, Campers, Slide on Camper, Camper Trailers, Service bodies and Toolboxes in Perth, WA.

We manufacture 100% aluminium products, framed and clad with 3mm marine-grade aluminium and fully welded.

We also manufacture pop-top Canopies, tradesman canopies and various service bodies. Our campers are proven tough in the harsh Australian environment. Hence they are very reliable, safe and secure.

We specialise in quality Australian heavy-duty camper trailers that can be personalised to suit each customer’s requirements and budget. From tough off-road terrain to easy road travel, we have a trailer for every type of experience.

Most of all, you can rest assured that our experts try and test everything to ensure the best product experience.

HSP 4×4 Accessories – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

hsp 4×4 accessories


1300 441 499

Ute accessories, trays, tubs and more

Want to take your ride to a whole new level? You’ve come to the right place. At HSP, we constantly push the boundaries to create 4×4 auto parts and accessories that are truly awesome. Our products are designed to solve everyday problems, so you can focus on what matters and get more done. Look to us for ‘world-first’ designs that make HSP’s Australian line the best in the market. 

Follow the track marks below to find out more.

Aluminium Ute Canopies Aeroklas Canopy Range

A worldwide first, the Aeroklas ute canopy offers a twin skin ABS plastic shell with no joins or weak areas to ensure the highest level of protection possible. All canopies come with a LED light, tinted windows, clamp-on installation along with central locking as standard.

Sound structure for total peace of mind 

Aeroklas canopies feature a twin skin design. Each shell is thermoformed from a single piece of ABS with no joins or weak areas. Aeroklas’s ABS twin skinned canopy is twice the strength of any other dual cab canopy on the market, positioning as the number one provider of vehicle canopies in Mudgee, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Newcastle and Australia wide.

Aeroklas canopies have gone through pendulum testing up to 200kgs, with an impressive result of an intact shell with no cracks.

Who are we?

HSP specialises in the manufacturing and distributing of automotive utility parts. We create parts from concept to design and manufacture in Australia. Our parts are often world firsts, and all have a common goal of maximising the potential of a ute by creating solutions, not just products.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple to create and distribute beautifully engineered products that create an effortless collaboration between the vehicle and the user.

What Separates Us

Innovation is the core of our business and gives HSP the drive to constantly achieve advancements in all facets of the industry. HSP’s commitment to setting new benchmarks is one of the reasons why we are front-runners in the industry.

Focusing all of our energy into the Australian Ute accessory market, whether it was manufacturing or sourcing parts from the largest OEM companies. Distributing these products helped us better understand the needs of the market. Understanding these needs gives us the biggest advantage when manufacturing accessories for our customers.

Why Australian Made

In addition to being 100% Australian owned, HSP’s major products are also 100% Australian made and sourced. Being Australian made gives many major benefits, such as keeping jobs in Australia, having exceptional quality control and full control of all after-sales policies. In addition, we are also able to constantly evolve the product to cater to the needs of Australians.

Custom Canopies & toolboxes – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

custom canopies & tool boxes


0490 952 195


The ute, short for a utility vehicle, is widely favoured by tradespeople for its high level of functionality and practicality – after all, it’s in the name. Equally as widespread on the streets of Melbourne as they are in greater Victoria and across Australia, utes are just as popular for camping enthusiasts as they are for tradies.

Whether you work in an agricultural industry or you’re just looking to get away, you’re going to need the essentials – items like ute canopies, aluminium toolboxes and ute trays – to make your vehicle truly user-friendly. When you’re looking for ute toolboxes and ute canopies in Melbourne, you need Custom Canopies and Toolboxes.


Custom Canopies and Toolboxes is an Australian owned business located in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. We specialise in design, fabrication, sheet metal installation and promotion of our own range of products, including ute canopies, ute trays, caravan storage lockers, bike mounting systems, fridge sliders, aluminium toolboxes, roof racks and access ladders.

Known for our ability to customise items for almost any make and model of ute or truck, we custom build all ute toolboxes, canopies, trays and accessories to your specifications. Along with our partners at sister company Brampton Sheetmetal (who for 30 years have been producing high-quality lockers and trucks across Australia), we manufacture for private and commercial use.


Our high-quality products and designs are extremely durable and built to last. Regardless of the brand of ute or truck, we can provide quality products and accessories customised to your vehicle. All products are also covered with a full manufacturer’s warranty, so you can enjoy total peace of mind whether you’re on the worksite or cruising down the highway to your favourite camping spot.

About Us

Custom Canopies and Toolboxes is an Australian owned business based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. This company has been started to promote our own range of products including ute canopies, trays, caravan storage lockers, bike mounting systems, fridge sliders, toolboxes, roof racks and access ladders, our sister company Brampton Sheetmetal which has been going for over 30 years specialises in lockers and toolboxes which you can see all over Australia on trucks for electricity companies with boom lifts which have to cope with rigorous usage and have stood the test of time. We manufacture for private and commercial use.

We specialise in design, fabrication, Sheetmetal installation of steel and aluminium body options with accessories as per individual needs. We can provide for all truck, and ute types and custom build to your needs.

Our high-quality products and designs are extremely durable and built to last. Any brand ute or truck, we can provide quality products and accessories customised to your vehicle.

Multiple canopies finish, under storage boxes, internal storage and optional extras available.

Custom Canopies and Toolboxes prides itself on a high-quality product specific to your needs.

MFI Service Bodies – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne 

mfi service bodies


1300 708 597


MFI Service Bodies ergonomic designs promote productivity and lean principles to meet and exceed safety standards.

Our service body team create precise computer models of all our builds prior to construction, allowing our customers to fine-tune their unique builds to meet and exceed their expectations.


Image Full canopy service bodies provide enclosed, safe, secure mobile workspaces. Our focus is to maximise accessibility whilst ensuring a positive seal against the elements—ideal configuration for a range of requirements including commercial, emergency and recreational.


Canopy/ Tray Combo Canopy Tray combination offers a multi-purpose setup with part canopy and tray design. This configuration gives you the best of both worlds with a tray area for bulky equipment and an enclosed canopy for protection and security for tools and equipment.


Service Lockup Module Service locker module unit maximises the efficiency of all service operators and technicians. The centre aisle and rear tray space provide a perfect location for long and bulky equipment. Lock away tools and valuable equipment in the lockers, which offer complete protection and a fantastic shelter from the elements when working in the field.


Lift On Canopy Lift Off service body includes all the standard features of the integrated range, but rather than being secured directly to the chassis of the vehicle. You can utilise that existing steel or aluminium tray—great flexibility for users who require a secure area for all their goods and equipment. The canopy can be removed easily utilising the heavy-duty wind up adjustable support legs provided.


Camper Body MFI’s Cassowary Rooftop Tent is built in house to the same exacting standards we build our service bodies to, with the ability to personalise the design to suit your tastes. Built by Campers, for Campers, the Cassowary rooftop tent is your ideal home away from home. Super comfortable, super roomy, super quick to set up and pack up, the Cassowary rooftop tent is equally perfect as an overnighter or for longer stops.


Drop Side Tray Dropside tray bodies are like all our products, built to a heavy-duty specification to ensure they can handle the rigours of day to day use. They were designed for a range of applications, including fleet operator, tradesman, courier, camping enthusiast, or anyone else that requires quality and practical solution. These units are designed to fit all light commercial vehicles from Dual to Single Cab Utes.


MFI has been a leader in service body design for over 15 years.

Our commercial body designs are tough, durable and manufactured locally in our Pakenham factory. If you’re looking for a top-quality service body, then give our experienced team a call to see how we can make your business, fleet, or recreational service bodies make your life on the road easier and safer.

ezToolBox – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne



1300 710 668

Aluminium Ute Canopies – Toughness Guaranteed

ezToolBox sells a wide range of aluminium ute canopies that are built to impress in every way. Whether it is for camping, keeping your tools and equipment dry and secure, or just for extra storage and easy access to your gadgets. ezToolbox has the perfect canopy solution to meet your needs and lifestyle.

We understand the needs of our customers. That’s why our canopies are designed with strength, security and functionality in mind. Whether you’re a busy tradie, a DIY builder or just someone looking to upgrade your ute, know that ezToolBox has all your bases covered. Our full TIG welded seam and internal frame bracing construction offers the best results and helps our canopies to stand out on the road. 

About Us

ETB, also known as ezToolbox, is a local designer and manufacturer of quality and affordable heavy duty ute aluminium toolboxes, canopies, trays and accessories. All our products are designed and tested to meet harsh Australian conditions.

We are young but innovative. Our products have been overwhelmingly welcomed by lots of Aussies in the last 5 years. In the very beginning, we just want to beat the price of similar alloy toolboxes and canopies sold widely across the country by the tool shop giants. But we realised that it does not take the weight and it is not a long-lasting design. To add strength along with extra functions, we introduced extrusions based structures into our toolbox and canopy range to make them more durable yet affordable, which is well embraced by Aussies. #loveeztoolbox

Furthermore, we are evolving to a solution provider of Australian ute owners. No matter you need the toolbox or canopy for work or travel, we can custom tailor it to your needs. We can build the divider, shelf, drawer, slides, kitchen based on your requirement. Just shoot us a message at info@eztoolbox.com.au or give us a call on a nationwide free call at 1300 710 666 to talk to us. We are here and always ready to help you out!

Rockbox Australia – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

rockbox australia


(08) 6118 4890


Rockbox Australia pride itself on one thing – Building service bodies that not only look great but are as strong as a rock. NOTHING IS TOUGHER THAN A ROCKBOX. 

Using state of the art 3D computer design software, we ensure that every ROCKBOX we deliver is as strong as the next. 

Have a custom idea or need something for your fleet? Our team are at the ready to deliver a custom solution to meet your needs.


At Rockbox, Fleet Solutions are what we do best. Our experienced team are on hand to create specialised fleet deliveries of aluminium service bodies, ute canopies, toolboxes, and chassis mounted ute canopies quickly and to suit what your fleet needs. 

With our state of the art software and industry experience, we confidently deliver efficient and high-quality solutions that are made to withstand any environment. 




Every Rockbox is custom made to suit exactly what you need. Have an idea in mind? Our experienced team are on hand to design a custom service body that will stand the test of time. All of our service bodies use high-quality aluminium and are fitted with heavy rubber seals and key locks. 


We are 100% Australian owned and operated and understand the harsh requirements of the Australian landscape. All Rockbox service bodies come with a manufacturing guarantee.


Using the latest computer design software, we deliver high quality, sleek service bodies that are as tough as a rock. All service bodies are 100% manufactured in WA.

CSM Service Bodies – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

csm service bodies


1800 618 333

Why are we the preferred supplier for aluminium tray bodies?

As Australia’s leading supplier of these designs, you can be sure that we will be able to help. Create your ideal product to suit your specific needs from our range. Speak to our team for an array of specific accessories, fully personalised to suit your specific requirements.

From the basics through to bespoke features that you need for your work, we can customise a setup for your vehicle that meets all of your requirements. Experience the difference between a product that delivers on your needs and is able to last the long run. Our team is highly experienced in the design and manufacturing of canopies and bodies for most makes and models. Rest assured of a perfect fit and all of the features that you need.

We are also available to fit out bodies for entire fleets, so whether you are looking to get new options and features for your existing vehicles or you are looking for the latest innovations and options for a brand new fleet, we can ensure you get the best trade vehicle fit-outs for all of your vehicles.

About Us

Since 2002, CSM has been building storage solutions for vehicles.

And since 2002, we have been continually improving not only the design for the service body but our manufacturing processes as well.

And now, nearing 2 decades later, we are confident we are the best option for companies seeking to fit out an entire fleet of service vehicles.

Over that time, our range of customisations has diversified to include up-to-date solutions for the current needs of all tradesmen, technicians, and service-oriented trades.


Our flagship product is the CSM Full Body Service Body, which is a fully enclosed ute canopy that provides secure, weatherproof and functional storage for equipment. Along with multiple service body variations to include open tray space, doors for enclosed work environments, and more, we also provide a wide range of accessories and customisation that allow you to build a service body that suits your specific needs.

The internal area of the canopy can be fitted out with shelving, drawers, cabinets, and more, while, externally, we can add roof racks, spare wheel holders, and a variety of other accessories. You also have a variety of underbody options, including water tanks, toolboxes, and underbody drawers. On top of all this, we also provide a range of vehicle accessories from bullbars to wheel and tyre upgrades, ensuring we can be your best option when it comes to fitting out a fleet of vehicles.


All our service bodies are designed to be functional and capable while matching the aesthetic of the vehicle they are fitted to. Manufacturing quality is strictly adhered to with constant checks throughout manufacturing and fitting, and because our service bodies are built from aluminium, they are tough and durable while remaining lightweight. Since we built our first canopy, we have developed multiple features designed to help the customer get the most out of their service body. Some of these include the flush floor design that allows for easier and safer loading, the recessed doors for enhanced security and weatherproofing, and the integrated roof rails for easy accessory mounting.


To ensure we can always provide top-tier service, we employ more than 50 staff across all business areas. Our in-house design team ensures our service body designs are always up-to-date with your needs. Our sales and marketing team is there to assist you with the customisation of your service bodies. And our team of Production Engineers, Coating Specialists, Auto-Electricians, Sheet Metal Tradesmen, Boiler Makers, Certified Welders, Vehicle Fitters, and Logistics personnel ensure we deliver quality products every time.


CSM operates our National Sales Office and Fitting Facility in Underwood, Queensland, where our sales team can help you customise a solution for your needs and where your service bodies are fitted to their vehicle, ready for delivery. The service bodies themselves are manufactured in our Production Plant in the regional town of Warwick, Queensland, a 2500 sqm facility with modern equipment and over 50 trained staff. We also have a network of distributors and service centres nationwide that provide support for you wherever you are located.

Hidrive – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne



1300 368 162      

The Hidrive Difference

Our products are tried and tested in all conditions, from the metro to the harsh outback.

Let the Hidrive difference put you in front.

Our success lies within Hidrive’s proprietary modular design, which delivers superb versatility and configurability. Our products are engineered for minimum weight to maximise reliability and payload. We provide superior engineered polymer co-bonded aluminium construction with proven strength and reliability. This ensures our designs can cater to both metro and extreme remote operating conditions.

Service Bodies Built Tough For Trade

Service bodies and canopies come with a range of space-saving solutions. Drawers, hooks, racks, and shelving makes finding items easier, so you can be more productive on the job. A quality aluminium ute canopy – with its generous carrying capacity – allows you to work smarter.

Protect Your Equipment from Damage and Theft:

Our ute service bodies are secure, ensuring your vehicle contents are safe from theft. The weatherproof service body with rubber seals protects your equipment from the elements. We’ve designed our service body range to withstand harsh conditions.

Service Bodies for Fleet, Trade and Mining:

We specialise in custom powder coated service bodies for fleet, trade and mining. Our years of experience result in service body fit-outs with intelligent design. Engineered for safety, they will go the distance in the city or the outback.

Custom Solutions to Upgrade Your Ute:

Our dual cab canopies and trade service bodies are available in a range of types. Customise your choice of full canopy, part canopy or tool module options. We have the service body to match the make, model and chassis of your ute.


The success and solidarity of Hidrive have been built on a commitment to working together and sharing talent and knowledge, thereby delivering economical and effective solutions that accelerate the success of our people and our clients.

Driving efficiencies is our vision statement. We achieve this by having a clear understanding of your mobile workspace and FleetBrand needs. By harnessing the power of our experienced design and operations teams to provide realistic solutions that meet and exceed your designated outcomes, our brilliant teams and systems will always put you, our valued client, ahead.

There is more to Hidrive than just providing superior service bodies and FleetBrand. Find out more about who Hidrive are, what we have achieved, as well as our vision, mission and footprint in our corporate profile.

TC Boxes – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

t.c boxes


03 5922 1011


TC BOXES has developed a range of aluminium toolboxes, steel toolboxes, dog boxes and gullwing canopies to secure the equipment, tools and furry friends of the everyday tradesman, handyman or hunter. Our boxes use high-grade material, and we offer a 24 month, fully comprehensive warranty, which undoubtedly makes us the ‘Trades Choice’.

Our meticulous attention to detail and uncompromising before and after-sales service will alleviate the stress of securing affordable and organised storage solutions for your tools and equipment.

Aluminium Canopies

Aluminium Canopies provide a secure, reliable and affordable storage solution for your gear, keeping those valuables out of the weather and away from prying eyes.

All of our aluminium canopies come standard with industry-leading whale tail compression locks, strong and lightweight 3mm FP or 2.5mm base thick CP, fully braced internals with neatly recessed doors completes the superior standard TC BOXES has set for aluminium canopies. 

About Us

TC Boxes was born with the simple objective of providing safe, reliable and secure storage solutions to tradies of Australia.

As we developed our business, we found it was not just trading who needed toolboxes. Campers need canopies, hunters need dog boxes, and a few of us just needed somewhere to put things on our ute. Our product range has continually developed over the past 3 years to be the most extensive toolbox and canopy range in Australia.

We only provide the best quality boxes at awesome, great value prices. Having had over 15 years of experience in the building industry before commencing TC Boxes, we fully understand what you want and for what price.

M2O Toolbox & Canopy – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

m2o toolbox & canopy


03 9729 7569


Keep your expensive tools safe and secure thanks to the reliable and custom-made ute toolboxes on offer from the experts at M2O Toolbox & Canopy. Thanks to our years of experience and training, we have the knowledge and expertise to design and fabricate the right ute tool boxes for Melbourne motorists and tradespeople. While there might be other “custom toolbox manufacturers near me”, the team at M2O stand out from the competition thanks to our comprehensive and reputable services and solutions, as well as our competitive pricing and rates.

Made from durable aluminium and completely lockable, our ute toolboxes are bolted directly onto the ute’s tray, making them extremely difficult to separate from the ute. On top of helping to protect tools from theft, our ute toolboxes also prevent the tools from deteriorating from exposure to the elements by being sealed off from the elements. 

For personalised and flawless ute toolboxes in Melbourne, look no further than M2O!Aluminium Tool Boxes MelbourneGet the best toolboxes for your ute, thanks to the specialists at M2O Toolbox & Canopy. Focused on delivering the highest standards of customer satisfaction, our professional team can completely design and build highly-resilient aluminium tool boxes for Melbourne tradespeople and ute owners with ease and without issue.

Having worked in the industry for years, the team at M2O Toolbox & Canopy know how important it is to have tools and equipment protected from the weather and theft. Our strong and secure toolboxes are made of aluminium, ensuring that they don’t deteriorate when exposed to wet, dry, and dirty conditions.

Make your idea into reality!

M2O is a Melbourne-based local manufacturer specialising in the fabrication of toolboxes and canopies. Designed by our highly experienced engineers, with the use of the latest technology and machinery, our wide range of products is made from superior quality marine-grade aluminium. 

This produces a combination of great appearance, security, high strength, weatherproof and dustproof.M2O is passionate about meeting your expectations and tailoring to your needs. We designed the product and offered a short leading time with a competitive cost. We also provide a powder coating service- no job is too small.

All our products come with a lifetime warranty of workmanship and 1 year on parts. Delivery and same day installation can be organised upon your request. We also offer various services of sheet metal machine processing, toolbox/canopy repairs & modifications.

Structure: Stronger and more secure with a recessed design, smoothly TIG welded finish outside & TIG&MIG welded inside.

Rubber Seal: Weatherproof, dustproof, vibration reduction.

Materials: Aluminium-Magnesium Alloy (Marine Grade 5052), Anti-oxidation processed surface, high fatigue strength, Ultra-light.

Gas Struts: All our toolboxes are fitted with high-quality gas struts.

Lock: Made or cast from stainless steel/aluminium alloy, specially designed keys, super secure, waterproof.

L&G Chivalry – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

l&g chivalry


1300 001 687


For durable and reliable Aluminium Canopies that can protect your items and equipment, look no further than the team at L&G Chivalry! Drawing on years of experience, our skilled and attentive team have been accurately fabricating galvanised aluminium ute canopies and tools boxes for use by customers from all walks of life.

Made from strong and weather-resistant galvanised aluminium, our ute canopies and toolboxes have helped tradespeople in Sydney and as far away as Canberra prevent their equipment and materials from being damaged by the elements or stolen.

Committed to delivering a complete and personalised service to all of our valued customers, L&G Chivalry can custom fabricate the right ute canopy or toolbox, under body toolbox, single cab canopy, dual cab canopy, aluminium extra cab canopy, aluminium tool boxes for utes, aluminium dog box, to the dimensions required, providing a secure fit onto the ute tray.



  • Trailers are meant to be heavy-duty and rich in outdoor features. It’s quite a simple principle that we always follow, so come and have a look so that our products speak for themselves.
  • L&G Chivalry is an established business in trailers and toolboxes headquartered in Fairfield East, NSW.
  • We only supply what we believe is the best quality and bang for your buck, either manufactured by us or sourced from trusted names in the industry.
  • Depending on product type, we always provide you with not just good products but also beyond standard warranty and service.
  • We believe in word of the month and treat each customer like our first & last.

Aussie Tool Boxes – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

aussie tool boxes


03 9775 0016

About Us

Aussie Tool Boxes is an Australian owned and operated business with over 12 years of experience specialising in the design and manufacture of high-quality aluminium ute, truck, and caravan toolboxes.

All our boxes are designed and manufactured in house, and the person you deal with in the showroom will almost always be the person fabricating your toolbox so you can be assured you will receive what you asked for.

At Aussie Tool Boxes, we employ a small team of people that are skilled in taking your ideas and working through the design with you to build the aluminium toolbox you require. Aussie Tool Boxes is able to draw on our experience working with many different industries over the years; this gives us the ability to point out foreseeable problems during design so that you do not have to live with these problems for the lifespan of the toolbox.

We firmly believe getting the toolbox design right the first time is paramount, and we aim to do this for every customer we work with.

Aussie Tool Boxes caters to anyone needing a quality storage solution for their vehicle, be it ute toolboxes, drawers, ladder racks, or general fabrication work. We take great pride in our work and will supply you with a long-lasting, high-quality toolbox!

Our work speaks for itself, and it is why word of mouth recommendations from our customers is the best form of advertising we have. Aussie Tool Boxes hopes that in future, your word-of-mouth recommendation will be our best advertising tool.

Why Aussie Tool Boxes?

Aussie Tool Boxes fabricate high-quality aluminium ute toolboxes that are fully customised to your requirements, whatever industry you are in. Accessing your tools, parts, and equipment has never been easier. If you’re looking for a storage solution to keep organised, then ute toolboxes are a great answer.

Fleet Trades – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

fleet trades


1300 358 874

Fleet Trades’ Melbourne based warehouse is where the trays, service bodies, canopies, and accessories are stored, ensuring industry-leading turnaround time for the supply and fitment to your vehicle. As they say, time is money, and faster delivery means less downtime, which results in saving you money.

Manufactures Steel and Aluminium Trays for Utes in Melbourne.

When it comes to working hard all day, tradespeople are among the hardest on their gear. Lifting tools in and out of the vehicle all day, dropping heavy loads, carrying ladders, concrete or just about any sort of punishment is handed out to a ute, its tray, canopy or service body.

Fleet Trades has created a range of trays, service bodies, canopies and accessories designed with toughness, durability, and functionality in mind. Over 2 decades of research and development has gone into every Fleet Trades product,7 resulting in a fully ADR compliant range, giving you peace of mind when it comes to insurance, compliance and registration. This is exactly why new car dealers across Australia fit Fleet Trades equipment as new.

Why Choose Fleet Trades?

No matter what brand your ute is, as leading aluminium and steel ute tray manufacturers, we have the trays and accessories that can be fitted to or completely customised for your vehicle.

  • We are backed by a 12-month full manufacturers warranty.
  • Quick turn around time has your vehicle fitted out and back on the road as quickly as possible.
  • We stock a full range of accessories to customise your Tray, Canopy or Service Body. We’re the one-stop-shop for light commercial utility vehicles.
  • Nationwide fitment centres.

HQ Link – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

hq link


(03) 8759 3690


All built to neatly match the shape of your vehicle’s headboard or profile. All internal fit-outs and functions (shelves, rack, drawers, central locks, etc.) are built according to your requirements! They are 100% built-in Australia at our factory located at 91A Cheltenham Road, Dandenong VIC 3175.


At HQ Link, we believe in continuing to produce high-quality products as one of the strongest propellants in driving our business forward! We offer one-on-one service and professional advice for all your enquiries. With your support, we will continue to improve our products and services.


We offer highly competitive pricing! All our quotes are well-considered for quality and competition in this industry before we provide them to you. We want to make sure that we provide you with the highest quality products with excellent service and at a great price!

Wigley Engineering – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne 

wigley engineering




Whether you want a Canopy for the Work Site or the Outback

We can design and Build a Canopy just for you!


Electricians, Plumbers, Builders, Landscapers………no matter your trade, we can design a canopy to suit your needs.

We can organise the interior based on your requirements.

This one was designed for an Electrical Contractor. with 3 Large Drawers for tools, 9 shelves for storage tub organisation, Interior Ladder Rack, Under Tray Lock Boxes, Roof Rack and Rear Drawer with modular compartments……… A Sparkies Dream Setup!!


Want to head to the Outback? Need a Canopy for the trip?

Wigley Engineering will get you sorted with just what you need.

This Dream Tourer was designed for a GMC Sierra Denali HD. It features a Side Mounted Fridge Drop Slide, Rear Drawer. Dual Pull Out Bench Top with Collapsible Sink, Water Tank, Spare Tyre Mount, Purpose Built Tent Box, 3 Large Drawers, Under Tray Lock Boxes, 3 Point Central Locking, Electrical Panel.

Everything you could need for a Road Trip!

Lock&Load Ute Bodies – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

lock&load ute bodies


03 9357 5216

Where form follows function

At Lock & Load, we work in the understanding that when something is designed well, it should be functional and easy to use, durable and last a long time. It should also be elegant and not look out of date in a few years.

Finding A better fit for your ute

The new utility vehicles available today are so much better than they were 10 years ago. They have more power and drive more like a car than a truck, and so is an increasingly popular choice.

The factory-issued ute tubs look good, and the fibreglass canopies fit well and compliment the overall look. But with deep sides, small side windows and big internal wheel arches, they are not great to work out of.

Ute trays have not kept up with the times, and even factory trays don’t fit the cabin – they look similar to farm utes in the ’80s.


At Lock & Load Ute Bodies, we use a mix of modern manufacturing and old school craftsmanship. All parts are modelled in CAD. Laser-cut to precise shape when folded, the components are held securely in place by a jig for Welding. This ensures accuracy and repeatability.

The Ultimate Canopy Design

With these principles in mind, Lock and Load invested in a new canopy design that had to:

  • ​​Be practical and easy to work out of
  • Be strong by design, making it lightweight
  • Make the most use of available space
  • Match the vehicle in quality, style and safety of vision.
  • Be versatile and able to be used in a multitude of ways
  • Be durable, last a long time, and hold value over that time.
  • Have quality manufacturing with attention to detail.
  • Be secure with the best 2 point compression latches available on the market.

With an emphasis on a design, we make a body to fit your vehicle that is practical to use, load and secure.

To learn more about a canopy or tray that suits your requirements, call Bernie for an obligation free quote.

Boss Aluminium – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

boss aluminium


(03) 9909 5354

Highest Quality

Quality at Boss Aluminium is our priority. We are confident that we back all of our products with a lifetime workmanship warranty.

Unique Design

Boss Canopies and Trays are modular, easily add, swap or update your setup with little to no modification required.          

Lightweight Construction

Built from marine grade aluminium, Boss Canopies and Trays are lightweight and are sure to keep you within your GVM.

Customer Service

We will work with you from start to finish ensuring that you have the work or touring set up that best suits you.

GVM Upgrade

Boss Aluminium is the authorised reseller and installer of JMACX Engineering kits. JMACX are the developers and industry leaders when it comes to coil conversions and GVM upgrades to build the ultimate Landcruiser. A proven coil conversion with unbeaten stability and handling.

We played a role in the development of the unrivalled 4495 GVM Upgrade and have installed countless kits. We have also developed trays and canopies designed to suit the 4495 Conversion so we can completely build your vehicle in-house at the Boss facility.



Peoples needs change over time, accessories get upgraded, or you need to fit different gear. Boss Aluminium Trays and Canopies are designed to be modular and easily upgraded. This means you are never locked into a specific layout or certain accessories.


We take enormous pride in producing some of the highest quality products in the industry. Our team want you to be satisfied with your purchase for a lifetime. We back this by covering every Boss product with a lifetime workmanship warranty. We are confident our designs and skilled workers are second to none.


All Boss Aluminium products are designed and built in-house at our Bayswater North facility. We are passionate about keeping manufacturing and jobs in Australia. At Boss, there is nothing we love better than building the toughest, high quality, built to last Australian made products for our customers.


Established in 2000, Boss Aluminium is a Melbourne based, Australian owned and operated family business. Our customers range from tradespeople and mobile technicians to overland touring enthusiasts and extreme off-road aficionados. We design and fabricate premium aluminium ute trays, canopies, toolboxes and accessories and pride ourselves on delivering products that offer superior strength and durability in all driving conditions.

Quality is our priority.

Having worked on projects across a range of industries and activities – from automotive, marine, aviation and medical to caravans, motorcycles and camping – we have a finely tuned ability to understand your unique requirements and create solutions to meet them. Sometimes those requirements are time-sensitive, so we also offer a prefabricated product range.

Everything we make is designed with a blend of high functionality, toughness and a dash of style. Our design team use the latest in 3D modelling technology to ensure accuracy and precision in fitting our products to your vehicle. The safety of our customers is also of the utmost concern, so all of our suspension and chassis modifications are independently FEA tested and ADR compliant. We adhere to strict quality standards in our manufacturing process and make every effort to source the very best materials available.

Developing long-term relationships with our customers is something we take seriously. From the initial consultation to design and fabrication, right through to final fitting, we aim to deliver complete satisfaction in every job we take on.

At Boss Aluminium, we know our customers love a challenge, and so do we. We look forward to developing tailor-made solutions that meet your needs and bring your dream vehicle to life.

Outback 4WD – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

outback 4wd


(03) 9720 6227


Whether for work, play or anything in between, ARB canopies and ute lids offer flexible storage space, weatherproofing and increased security for your cargo.

Our extensive range ensures you’ll find a product that not only suits your individual requirements but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of any utility.

Built tough and proven reliable in the harsh Australian environment, ARB’s canopies and ute lids are manufactured from UV stable ABS thermoplastic, making them a dependable solution you can rely on for many years to come.

Rest assured, your investment is protected with a 3 year, 60,000km nationwide warranty, all backed by ARB’s renowned aftersales support.


EGR’s latest core product is the Canopy for Dual Cab Utility Vehicles.

Launching in 2010, EGR now has over 50 Canopies covering 3 different window combinations for the Australian Aftermarket.

Excellent market growth for Australian Made and developed products.

All Canopies are Australian made and manufactured at EGR’s Thermoformed Division in Brisbane.

With a commitment to inventory, EGR will warehouse completed Canopies with various side window combinations to ensure when we receive an order. The delivery time is quicker and more efficient than overseas sourced products.

Ute Safe – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

ute safe


+61 3 9357 6641

Ute Safe specialises in custom-built aluminium ute toolboxes and storage compartments to suit tub and tray work vehicles, recreational, camping, 4WD and boating.

Over the last 18 years, Ute Safe has created the largest range of aluminium toolboxes and continues to create new customised storage compartments to meet every conceivable use. Ute Safe boxes are manufactured in Victoria and shipped Australia wide. Best of all, Ute Safe sells directly to the public. Boxes of every shape are made to suit ute’s trucks and trailers. 

Ute Safe has the camping box for your fridge and the canopy for your rooftop tent. Ute Safe keeps your tools and gear safe and sound with fully adjustable shelves and drawers. For work or recreation, from tubs to tray, work vehicles, recreational, camping, 4WD and boating requirements, from the smallest utility box to the largest canopy, Ute Safe has you covered.

Our design ensures you get the long-lasting box that works harder, looks after your gear and provides genuine peace of mind.

Ute Safe aluminium toolboxes are weather resistant and lightweight. Safeguard your equipment and items with high quality 2.5mm marine grade aluminium tread plate to protect against every condition. All boxes are fully TIG welded with door seals and concealed hinges, ensuring durability and strength.

Our high standard is extended to every box. We select the same material and use the same work process for all aluminium toolboxes, standard or custom made, backed up with a Ute Safe ‘321 Warranty’. 3 years on workmanship, 2 years on gas struts, 1 year on all other hardware – Your peace of mind is assured.

Ute Safe – The story behind the storage space.

Ute Safe has been designing and manufacturing toolboxes in Melbourne for the last 16 years. An inspired idea from owner Geoff Rowe after he noticed a lack of storage solutions for trades vehicles.

Whilst working on a project for Ute Safe’s parent business Proto Concepts Pty Ltd, that involved sliding drawer boxes, a light bulb switched on in Geoff’s mind. Where these boxes were being made from steel, he could see no reason that the same concept could not be applied using aluminium to make lightweight, heavy-duty designs to install onto vehicles.

The first Ute Safe boxes were soon made, with people asking for more. As word spread, the number of designs increased. Ute Safe now specialises in custom making any size or shaped box to fit all and every type of vehicle.

It was an exciting time that provided great insight into what the ute owners of Melbourne desired. Many customers sought similar shapes and designs and set the basis for the Ute Safe standard range.

Ute Safe’s operations began in a small factory in Eltham before moving to a premise in Bundoora. After a few years there, they moved into their home located in Campbellfield. Since packing up the factory in Campbellfield, Ute Safe has moved production to Poowong in South Gippsland.

Customising with the client in mind.

The standard range of Ute Safe boxes provides easy solutions that can be replicated and produced within a shorter timeframe. Custom designing never made before boxes requires a little bit longer to deliver. Limitations on boxes are mainly due to the length or width of the vehicle’s tray or tub.

Every toolbox that leaves the factory is made to the same high-quality standard as the first one. The designs are ever-changing with new processes and parts; however, Ute Safe has never and will never make a box out of anything less than 2.5mm marine-grade aluminium. How many can other box manufacturers say that?

Fashion and technology play a part in the design process, and 2016 has seen an increase of boxes with central locking and lighting provisions included.

Driven to continue providing a product that won’t only survive your current ute, and likely your next one, and possibly you too, Ute Safe is constantly improving its designs.

Top Dek – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

top dek


03 9793 8000


Top Dek Transport Equipment Pty Ltd has been providing heavy-duty steel and aluminium tray bodies to the Victorian market for over 20 years and is the leader in this field. Manufacturing standard tray bodies in steel or aluminium for any vehicle, new or used, we can also offer fully customised fit-outs to your specifications. We cater for the complete fleet customisation or single one-off vehicles.


Our fully customised design service offers you the ultimate in tray body production. Nearly every aspect of our tray can be customised within the legal specifications, catering for every tradesman requirement, including fully fitted service bodies on any make of vehicle. Take a look at our gallery to explore the possibilities.


Top Dek is the exclusive supplier of the original and well-known Allen Sliding Canopy. Made from heavy-duty canvas, our canopies can be custom made to your requirements with options for extra windows and zips and come in a range of canvas colours. The solid frame construction and high-quality roller components mean your canopy will last for years and will protect your cargo from the elements.

We offer the complete solution to ordering your ultimate tray with all manufacturing and modifications for your canopy designed and manufactured on-site.


At Top-Dek, our business is built on in-house manufacturing of steel and aluminium tray bodies. We hold in stock the most common sizes for quick fit-outs but also custom builds to any specification for new and used vehicles. Our tray bodies are precision cut and feature full-length rope rails, adjustable linkage “No Rattle” catches as well as precision aluminium hinges.

We also offer a large range of lockers, standard and custom-built toolboxes, roll-formed headboards, rubber floor mats, ladder racks, warning lights and hydraulic tipper bodies to suit any vehicle. In addition, we can arrange for mesh screens, towbars, custom made tonneau covers, and canopies to be fitted to your vehicle.

Top Dek is your only destination required for a full vehicle fit-out to your individual needs. Our tray and truck bodies are made of the finest quality materials and are built to last. We pride ourselves on our workmanship and close consultation with every customer, ensuring satisfaction upon delivery.

Just look for the distinctive black stripe and Top Dek mudguards on tray bodies on the road today. You will see that Top Dek is the leader in the tray body market.

Flexiglass – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne



1300 656 590

Flexiglass commenced in Western Australia in 1949 when Harry Robins saw the first Holden car and identified the need for a station wagon.

Harry created his first canopy using a steam-bent timber frame and sheet metal panels. It was an outstanding success, and he was soon making a range of designs from aluminium sheeting with side sliding windows. This innovative canopy featured laminated glass and interior dome light.

This was just the beginning for Harry. In 1956 he designed the first-ever fibreglass canopy. This canopy was years ahead of its time and featured many similarities to today’s canopies. In 1959 Harry diversified into the fibreglass boat building business and, together with his two sons, created the foundations of today’s Flexiglass.

Together they designed and perfected a new system of fibreglass that they called “FLEXIGLASS”. Unlike the ridged canopies of the time, it was extremely lightweight and flexible.

Throughout the 1970s, Flexiglass continued to grow, and branches were opened in South Australia and Victoria. Demand rapidly grew around the country, and New South Wales and Queensland branches soon followed.

MW Manufacturing – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

mw manufacturing


1800 5544 35


At MW, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible containers for transporting & storing tools and contents.

Locally Build

All MW Products are Proudly Locally Made in Clayton, which means all works are designed, manufactured, delivered locally with Australian locally sourced materials.

Flexible Design

Our specialty of custom-built design enables our customers to achieve a fully custom-built solution to suit their individual requirements without a hefty cost.

Quality Material

Use only Marine Grade Aluminum Checker Plate 5052 Series, which has very good corrosion resistance to seawater and marine and industrial atmosphere. It is a medium to high strength alloy with medium to high fatigue strength.

Extra Security

MW own manufactured high-security locking system comply with AS4145.2, which provides a key combination of more than 5,000.


Concealed lid & frame structure, tougher with full-length stainless steel piano hinge and internal structural frames, ensure quality and durability of all MW products.

Nationwide Warranty

All MW custom-built trays and service bodies come with a 5-year structural warranty against faulty workmanship. Canopies and toolboxes are covered by a 2-year warranty for material and/or structure as well as 1-year for spare parts (Lock, Gas Strut, Hinge, Bolts) from the date of purchase.


MW started as a small workshop in Sydney back in 1999. With over 20 years of industry expertise, MW has become the market leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of aluminium toolboxes, Ute trays, trailers and canopy products. As a national company, the MW retail network is composed of 26 retail shops located in Sydney, Melbourne and other areas that cover most of the Australian population. Each year, we manufacture in excess of 100,000 products.

Eureka Canopies – Ute Canopy Service Bodies Melbourne

eureka canopies


1800 887 881

Best Bang for Buck in Melbourne

We keep a wide variety of sizes and configurations at our main warehouse, ready for pickup.

Located just off the Dalton Road exit of the M80 Metro Ring Road in Thomastown. (Northern suburbs of Melbourne)

No matter what you need, there’s a fair chance it is sitting on our shelves.

All prices on the website and in-store have been discounted by 10%. No discount code is required. Limited time Only

Ute Tray Conversions

We’ve got you covered with our lightweight & strong aluminium tray conversion service.

We can remove any existing tub or tray and upgrade you to a Eureka Canopies Aluminium Alloy tray.

And of course, we can deck it out with whatever canopy or toolbox fit out you need.

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