Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can you fix my leaking roof?

At Roof Repairs, we always aim provide high quality services while maintaining excellent value because after all safety.

What types of roofs do you repair?

You want your roof to last for decades, but it doesn’t matter how good the material is if someone doesn’t know what they’re doing. Our skilled tradespeople have more than 20 years of experience with all types and styles of roofs–whether metal or terracotta tile, concrete tiles or colorbond steel sheets. We’ll make sure you get a top-notch repair from start to finish every time!

What roofing services do you provide?

We are a Melbourne-based roofing company that offers quality and resilient work. Whether you have metal, tile or concrete roofs we can help! Our services include: repair, restoration and replacement of your existing roof as well as installation for gutter & downpipes to make sure there is no water damage in the future due to blocked gutters. We also offer leaf guard protection with our installation service!

Should I repair, restore or replace my roof?

It all depends on the state of your roof. If you have a tile roof that has lost one or two tiles and is leaking, then a simple repair might be in order to protect it from further damage. But if your metal or terracotta home’s house doesn’t get maintenance for 20+ years, there may need be more extensive work done like replacing the entire thing with new materials

Are Roof Repairs's services available to Business/Commercial properties?

We’re sorry, but we only provide roofing services for residential customers and don’t service business/commercial customer needs.

Where are we based and what areas do we service?

Unfortunately, we are only able to provide residential roofing services. But please don’t worry! We can help you find the perfect contractor for your needs! Contact us today and tell one of our friendly representatives what’s going on so that they can recommend a potential solution or answer any further questions about how to get started in getting your commercial space ready again.

What are your office hours?

We are 24/7 available for any roofing emergencies! We have friendly customer service specialists who can help you at all hours of the day and night.

Got A Question We Haven’t Answered?

We’re here to help! Feel free to call us and our friendly team will be happy to assist you.

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